There’s one in every crowd

Sydney comes home some days and talks about the little conflicts she’s had with a peer.  And, the best advice I’ve been able to give her is that there’s one in every crowd.  One that will make mistakes and always blame them on someone else. 

There's one in my peer group, too.

I finished a pair of socks last night.  I guess my needles were rattling because I flew through the last few rows, faster than I thought I would.
I’ve been working on these for over a year.  I started out making a crew sock, but it didn’t take long to realize I didn’t have enough yarn.  So, I decided on an ankle sock, but that meant taking most of one sock apart and starting over. 

Don’t know why I enjoy making socks so much.  I have to be very protective of them because, for some reason, Sydney’s dog just loves to chew a hole in them, in the front of the ankle, the hardest part to darn.

These will be nice and warm walking socks, for my morning walks with Mable.

Everybody have a good Thursday.  The F1 races are here this weekend and an extra hundred thousand people are expected in Austin, and they’re all going to be driving out near my office.  So, we’ve made arrangements to work from home tomorrow, or take the day off.  Who needs that kind of traffic?  Not me! 

The Hurricane Sandy quilt is moving right along.  I am really trying to finish and get it in the mail to Erin.  Every minute I get to myself, I’m at the machine.  But, so far, I haven’t skipped family time.  That may have to budge a little, tho, because I’m getting desparate to be done.

Be well.  Lane


Cynthia L. said...

HaHa, first you said Sydney's Dog and then you said you take her for a walk. Are they the same dog? And just who's dog is it? You are so funny Lane. I hope you enjoy your work from home day! I bet you will be getting a lot of quilting done too!

Cheryl Fogg said...

I saw in previous posts that you knit your socks one at a time. As a child I remember my grandmother knitting socks, mittens and gloves. She always knitted them in pairs on the same needles, which of course would require two skeins of yarn. Her logic was that they would be identical. As she completed a row on one sock, she would pick up the yarn from the other skein and do exactly the same thing to the next sock. It's almost like getting two for the work of one.

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