Technical errors

I finally got the Hurricane Sandy quilt for Erin’s relief effort finished this weekend. 


It’s a pretty quilt, but really, what a bunch of errors. 

You can’t really see it too clearly here, but the borders are ruffled because the quilting in the blocks is so much more dense than the quilting in the sashing and borders.


But, to have finished the quilt to match what I had already done in the blocks would have taken another two weeks, at least, and Erin is already dropping off the first quilts at Linus in New Jersey. 

So, I finished it off quick, with a foldover binding.


See what I mean about the different levels of quilting?


I hope this is my lesson learned about 1) too much quilting on a donation quilt and 2) even density over the whole quilt.  Those mussel shells, in my mind, were supposed to be as big as my hand.  They just didn’t come out that way. 

I probably haven’t learned my lesson, but I can hope.  This whole quilt should have been done in those leaves from the border and it would have been a whole lot better and a whole lot faster.

Anyway, it’s done.  Now, I just need to mail it and any of you that have ever gotten a package from me know that takes the longest.


You know, I’ve seen a blog topic for Friday finishes.  I need to start one for Monday finishes because that’s the only time I can post a finish, it seems like.

LD’s new coffee table is nearly finished.  The pink baby quilt is getting the binding hand sewn down.  I pulled out a sweater I knitted about 10 years ago, that only needs a collar and to be assembled.  All 13 Christmas tree blocks are pieced and the sashing added and set in triangles cut.

I finish a lot by Monday.

Anyway, those will be blog posts later this week, I hope.  For today, I need to be at work early, and then I have an afternoon appointment and then it’s whisk away to a basketball game, where I’m selling tickets.  Busy, busy, busy and hardly a moment to think. 

Oh, and I can’t make a whole blog post about this, because I’m just not interested enough, but guys in padded bicycle shorts…okay, anybody in any spandex bicycle shorts, but especially the ones that are padded in the crotch…stop.  Okay?  Just stop.  Really, you’re grossing me out.  How can I be expected to ride behind something that looks like an adult in a poopy, wet diaper all the way to work?  It’s no wonder I’m quesy by the time I get there.  Okay?  Just stop.  Blech.  And, if you know somebody in those shorts, tell them…just be honest and tell them.  After those shorts go through the washer and the dryer, they look like crap.  Okay, they look like they’ve been crapped in.  But, it’s the same difference. 

Except, how can something be the same, if it’s different.  

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’ll be driving to work with my eyes closed.



qltmom9 said...

When I get behind a biker and then check to see if they have those shorts on, I am going to blame YOU. ;-/

The quilt is beautiful.


Kath said...

" I’ll be driving to work with my eyes closed."

Please don't do that Lane, it's to far to come visit when you're in traction :-D

lw said...

Sounds like those padded spandex shorts just don't fit properly. I've never liked even the ones that do, they're just too clingy and revealing, esp. on men. When I cycle, I wear baggy mountain bike shorts.

Cheryl Fogg said...

I wear those shorts, but it is out of necessity, not fashion. Then I found a skirt to wear over them, which is a lot more comfortable (and modest). Just be grateful the shorts are black and not(gasp)white, because they wear nothing under them.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Keep your eyes on the road, Lane, eyes on the road! ;)

Actually, they sell padded bike seats that are gel filled that would serve the same purpose. Why don't they add the weight there instead of in their pants? I am not a bicyclist....so I don't know the details.


Vesuviusmama said...

It looks great to me, Lane, and I'm sure it will keep someone warm! Thanks so much for all you did! I look forward to seeing it in person.