The best laid plans of mice and men gang oft awry.

Last night, Sydney’s basketball game was far away from home, and nearer to Rob’s office.  So, he went to the game and I came home and took care of the dogs.  I think there were only two girls with parents at the game, at least for the freshmen.  Varsity may have had more.

I had great plans.  I was going to come home and let the dogs out and play with the dogs and feed the dogs and work on a sweater and work on an apron and work on another gift and another gift…

Mostly, I ate. 

With them gone, I planned a simple sandwich for dinner.  What I learned is that I need a more structured meal plan than that.  I ate the sandwich.  And, some fudge and some mint chocolate candy and some chips and some other chips with salsa and a piece of cake…


As penance, I made myself get on the scale this morning.  I am abashed.

I did feed the dogs.  And, I did play with the dogs.  And, I did work on the apron.  But, that’s it.

Okay, so my caloric regrets are not the topic of this post.

This is.  And, the only way I can describe it is hysterical bloom.  It is literally covered in flowers, each one screaming to be looked at.


This is a Sasanquah Camelia that I planted in my flowerbed about 8 years ago.  Over the years, it has developed and filled in and is about a 3” diameter ball now.  It won’t get much bigger, which is what attracted me to it, to fill this particular spot.  But, it’s never bloomed this way before.  And, I love that it blooms this time of year.  The freeze doesn’t even seem to have bothered it because it is still out there, pinky-red with flowers. 

It is good through a freeze and always gives flowers at Christmas, and usually, it’s the only thing in bloom that time of year. 

And, all I feed it is coffee grounds.  It loves acidic soil and it doesn’t require much water and it’s okay with my clay, so long as I supplement it, and the rest of the year, it is a green backdrop that I can add color around.  But, this time of year, it really shines.

My Grandmother had two large Camelias in her front yard and I can remember so many Christmases, going to her house and seeing these two tall sentinels in front of the front steps, covered with deep red blooms.  We were always told not to touch the flowers because our hands would cause them to die, so we would play around them and look at them, but not touch them. 

During the hot part of the year, the front of her house was wrapped in Nandina and Hydrangea’s that bloomed clumps of pink and blue flowers as big as my head.  I’ve never been able to grow the Hydrangeas, but I am successful at Nandina and Camelia.

I brought a bit of my childhood into my adulthood.

Okay, more than just a bit, but this is part of the good stuff.

Have a great Wednesday.  Two more days until Bonnie gives us clue 4.  Despite my frustration and injury last week, I’m still looking forward to it. 

Be well.  Lane


Kath said...

How lovely! we inherited a camellia when we moved here and I have to feed it special drinks to stop the leaves yellowing.
Sorry Lane, but I did smile at your impromptu feasting, there's not one among us who have not done that :-)

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! It's snowy here. Nothing is in bloom and the only thing that isn't brown is the pine trees. So it was really nice to see all those pretty blooms. What a happy thing!

I also loved hearing about your grandma's Camelias. Great story!

xo -E

Anonymous said...

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Cynthia Landrie said...

Haha! You eat the way I do when I am alone in the house! As someone who considers herself a "Foodie" I should be ashamed!
Your Camelia is stunning. What a wonderful gift it is giving you! I have already begun to think of next years garden!

qltmom9 said...

Lovely. You accomplish SO much. I hope your treats were yummy. I wish I didn't eat like that. On Weds, the church feeds the kids and Darl. I stay home...and, eat similar to what you did! Blah.


Carla said...

I'm wanting to plant 1 or 2 camilla's here at the new house but not sure where. Hubby is the one with the green thumb so whereever he puts it or them is fine. Yours is really pretty.