A weekend’s work

Another busy weekend around here.  Rob and Sydney painted a wall in her room, but I didn’t get a pic last night, and it’s a school holiday, so she is way far from wakefulness.

We also hung a new TV in the sewing studio.  We’re not done, so no pics yet, but it sure is freeing up some real estate in the studio and it caused another long spell of cleaning and organizing.  Rob came in last night and said “this is looking really good.”

I just turned and opened the closet door.

Hidden is good.

And, the closet is next.

But, first, I needed to write the instructions for the block I’m teaching and that meant making another one.  So, I made the one I’m going to enter into a competition at the Georgetown Quilt and Stitchery show.


I added the medium green from my stash. The rest came from the competition kit. 

And, I got that border back in the baby quilt.  I hand stitched it along both sides, all the way around, then I quilted right along the edge of the fabric…just to the high side of the ditch…it was weird to do that on purpose.


The green is much more peaceful and relaxing than the scrappy border was.  This one is a tough call on what was better, tho.  Oh, well.  It’s all quilted except that border now, so no going backsies.  I quilted in all the ditches and now I’m going to do some FMQ in that green border. 

I guess that’s it for me today.  Unless you want to talk about the Shepherd’s Pie and the Ham and Gouda Stromboli and the pineapple upside down cake I made for us to eat this week.  In summer, I don’t even think about cooking on a Sunday afternoon. But, in winter, I love it.  And, we get much more complicated dinners when I do it that way.  Don’t see me coming home and making a scratch stromboli crust on a Tuesday. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  After all that work last week,  the lady who’d created the problems did the one thing that makes me the most crazy.  After having no input more specific than “I don’t know” on a project we were doing for her, she criticized it when it was done…”It doesn’t really do what I need”.  I so wanted to say, no but it really is what you described.  And, it was good work, too. 

Today probably won’t be any better. 

So, I’ll just keep thinking quilting.  You do, too. 



Becky said...

Love, love, LOVE the competition square. The purple and green together is right up my alley!!

Hope your week goes smoothly!
Love, Becky

Piece by Piece said...

Love the colours in your block also.

Thanks for your comment re Dave, hope you get a PSA test done on a regular basis, he did, and caught it early.

Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE LOVE a copy of your pattern after you teach your class! It's beautiful.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Lane,

I miss you. I haven't had 2 seconds to spare in blogland in ages. I loved reading your post today. Your block is beautiful and as usual, you amaze me with everything you get done.

xo -E

lw said...

Much calmer looking baby quilt. I can't wait to see what you do with the quilting,

Rebecca Grace said...

The green border looks great on the baby quilt! Very soothing color palette. Are you thinking of using that fabric for the binding as well? I LOVE your purple star block. Is that paper pieced? It's great that you're taking the time to revamp your sewing space. When I did that, I found that it really reinvigorated me creatively and helped me to be more productive. Not that you'd ever know it since I still finish NOTHING... ;-)