Uh-oh…just when I was wishing on a feathered star for the time to make a feathered star block, I found my missing copy of Sally Collins’ Mastering Precision Piecing. 


And, of course, because it’s been opened to this page soooooo many times, it fell open to the pattern for Pieceful without any prompting.


That one makes my mouth water.  The combination of black and brown speaks to me.  I’ve collected browns ever since I saw this quilt in person, to make sure I’d have whatever I needed. 

Forty-six and a half inches square of pure delightful deliciousness.

I am very easily distracted.

Meanwhile, I just keep plugging away, machine quilting baby quilts because that’s what has to be done.  Feathered stars and Pieceful quilts are “want to do’s”. 

I might be distracted by about any other thing I needed to do, except babies don’t wait for quilts. 

You gotta get out ahead of a baby; plan and execute and don’t delay.

Babies are like that.  You gotta plot against them all the time.


See ya’.  Have a great Thursday.  Lane


Piece by Piece said...

Wow, I love that brown and black quilt.

It is going to be difficult for you not to get started on that one.

Babies... you still have to plot against even when they become grown son's and daughter's.

Have a great day.

Lakegaldonna said...

Ha distractions! Yes, keep your nose to the grindstone on that baby quilt as babies don't wait.

I asked for Mastering Precision Piecing for Christmas and the family came through! It's on my coffee table. I've only paged through it at this point. I asked for it because I saw it on your blog in 2014. I had to do a lot of back searching on your blog because I couldn't remember the name the book or the author, sheesh.
It will be a good tool in my toolbox.

You know, daydreaming of feathered stars keeps your current workplace drama in check. Keep dreaming!