The beginning of progress

I’m hesitant to show these pics because they are just the beginning.  But, even this much has been a long slog and these are the steps on which the rest of the sewing studio organization will be built. 

First was the TV.  This is Rob’s very professional installation to get the TV up higher so I could see it from anywhere in the room.


The area below is still a work in organization progress, but it sure is coming together nicely.  It’s great to have the electronics concealed in a cabinet.  This isn’t meant to be my work station.  It’s too small for that.  It’s really more of a charging station where I can keep all the electronics and the cords and one big honking surge protector that everything can stay plugged into.

Moving the diorama dollhouse meant I got my window back…


Yay!!  I never would have thought I would have missed that window as much as I have.   Mostly, I missed the ability to cover it with a room darkening shade and keep out the hot southern sun in August. 

And, the treadle two spool found a more permanent home.  I’ve been using it for some piecing.


And, finally, the small progress I’ve made in the studio closet and storage area. 


Don’t look above or below the shelf with the fabric on it, okay?  Cuz I’m not there yet.  But, this was two shelves of fabric stored in bins.  And, out of the bins, it is one shelf of fabric.  That’s significant progress.  I’m using pieces of cardboard for now to separate styles of fabric, but I’ll look for something acid free later.  See the little boxes and bins on top of the stacks?  Those are for scraps from that fabric style.  For example, my 30’s repro scraps are stored where I can best use them, with the other 30’s repro fabric.  As Rebecca says, this is my textile vocabulary…or at least the fancy and special occasion words. 

More progress will be made this weekend.  It’s slow and steady and I’m moving lots of stuff more than once.  I know that sounds bad, but because it’s taking so long, I’m really finding the best places to store things.  Sometimes, that means moving it to a place I think is perfect and then finding the place that really is perfect.

I almost showed you the shelf of UFO’s.  But, not!  Even though I don’t see it as my “shelf of shame”.  UFO’s for me are just part of it.  Those are the quilts that need brain work before the next physical work.  Some of them need more than brain work…they need divine inspiration.  But, I also know that when I’m in the mood to finish something, all I have to do is grab something for that quick ego boost that comes from a completion.  And, no, I did not count them when I folded them.  They’re mine and I don’t need to know how many there are…but I know there are enough to drive some quilters crazy.

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Syd has the dentist this morning before school.  What was I thinking?

Oh, I remember.  If we’re first, they won’t have had time to get behind schedule. 

Yeah, right.  I believe these people start the day behind schedule.  But, we’ll see.



lw said...

The studio is looking good! Amazing how much less space the fabric takes when stored on shelves. I used acid free "Comic Book Backing Boards" which you can get at any comic book store or from amazon. I wound the fabric on them like little bolts, the only thing I have folded is fat quarters.

I sometimes wonder if it would work better if all of us brought in one or two UFOs and we had a swap. Maybe someone else's would be easier to finish?

Kath said...

I enjoyed seeing in your home Lane, your treadle with the quilt above look charming.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Thank you for sharing in the process, so many show the before and the after only. What is intimidating is when the before looks better than my workroom! At any rate it reminds us all that it takes time and patience with ourselves and the process.
Sherrill in PDX