Wish upon a star

A feathered star, that is.

So, I’ve pulled out my book.


And, I’ve picked out my fabrics.


I should be ready to go.  And, I would be, if I had a vast quantity of unused time to fill. 

But, I don’t.  So, I’ll dream for a while longer.  The object is to leave this little collection out, mostly on the sofa, where it will be kind of in the way, so I don’t forget and I actually turn this little idea into a quilt.  But, not to leave it there long enough that other things get added and it turns into an easily ignorable pile.

It won’t be my first feathered star.  This one is still a UFO. 

It was started as a baby quilt.  I picked the pattern from Marsha McCloskey’s book in the photo above.  I wanted it to be monochromatic, but learned in the class with Joen Wolfrom last year that it’s really three distinct shades of green that are very near one another on the color wheel.  But, if your color wheel is just 6 colors, then it’s monochromatic, right?

Anyway, when it was done, it just didn’t remind me of a baby. Baby poo?  Yes.  Baby smiling?  Not really.  So, it went into my closet, where it still sits, waiting for me to quilt it. 

Okay, so who else just got the idea that maybe instead of piecing another feathered star quilt block, I should just finish the one I’ve got started?

Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard for me to look at that much green without getting a bit queasy, and that’s the real reason it’s still in the closet, waiting to be quilted.  Maybe I should try to quilt it in a pair of pink sunglasses…that would change the shading.

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  Work has blown up.  Someone’s poor planning has become my crisis situation. 

Don’t you just love people that do that?  Especially the ones that don’t have to clean up their own messes?

Wouldn’t you just love to pinch their heads until they pop?!

See ya’.  Lane


Marei said...

Ah...crisis management at work. How I DON'T miss that. Hang in there, Lane. You can't pop their heads, but hopefully someday, somehow, they'll have to pay up for their screw ups. BTW...I like your green feathered star. Doesn't look like baby poo to me.

lw said...

Maybe you could have a contest with the green feathered star as the prize? That would be a win-win situation. A lot of us like that one.

Sorry about your coworker causing a crisis that you have to deal with. On the other hand, the only time I won company awards at Hughes, Boeing or Northrop was for pulling someone else's fat out of the fire.

Anonymous said...

Lane, re: the fabrics you pulled for your next feathered star, check out the "crazy mom quilts" blog posting for Jan. 12. She has a nice idea for storing future projects.