If you have to lose time

what better way than sitting and hand quilting. 

Yesterday, I probably made it sound like I was complaining about losing time while I hand quilt.  But, really, I’m not complaining about that.  The time has to be very peaceful and therefore restorative in order for me to lose track of it.  So, it’s really a good thing. 

The rest of the time I’m losing is just because time passes fast when you’re having fun…and I only say that because it’s much more fun to be busy at the office than to be at the office watching the second hand on the clock.  I’ve done both.  I know.

So, here’s a picture of my hand quilting progress.  This is block 13 of 16 for the background quilting. 


Because I am not a very planful quilter, I’ve decided on what to do in each step and then executed that step across all the blocks before feeling pressured to decide what to do next that would compliment what I’d already completed.  Part of that is because, as the quilting developed, some of my plans were not complimentary, so it made more sense to just complete one step at a time.  The “multi-year project effect” also contributed to that because what I like one year when I start it might not be what I like the next year when I try to finish it. 

I also found this little hole.


I don’t know if it was in the fabric when I decided to use it in the Dresden plate or if it happened during quilting.  Doesn’t matter.  This is the danger of using vintage fabrics…sometimes, they do what vintage fabrics are known to do and I need to be able to adapt to that.  So, I’ll sew a little repair into that…just a bit of darning with a similar colored thread.  If you look for it, you’ll be able to find it…so don’t look for it.

I’ll try to remember to show a pic after it’s done…if it’s something to brag about.  If it’s a wreck, don’t look for it.

Today, I have to turn in about four projects I’ve been working on that are all supporting projects for a bigger project that elevates in the next couple of weeks.  It’s gonna feel really good.  But, then I have my regular work to catch up on.

And, this weekend, I need to type up my handout for the class I”m going to teach so I can get that and my application turned in…deadline fast approaching.  And, I want to enter quilts into two shows, and I need to do the investigation into that.  One is a national show and I’m actually thinking about doing it.  I haven’t read all the details yet, but at least I’m not too intimidated to even look into it.  That’s a step in the right direction.  And, I’m going to tackle the left hand side of the studio closet.  Okay, the floor where I’ve been stacking stuff during a couple weeks of cleaning is really first.  But, after I can get in there again, then I’ll start on the left side.  When it’s all neat and tidy, maybe I’ll show you a picture.  If I never get there, don’t look for it.

You guys know that self confidence has been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve realized that it isn’t like a thing that’s always there for me.  Maybe it’s not for anybody, even the people that appear to always be self confident.  But, for me, it comes and goes.  Or, it’s collected and spent is a more apt representation.  Right now, the coffers are well stocked, if not overflowing.  I like that.  Y’all remind me how this feels when I complain next time.



Scott said...

That's looking really good, Lane. I wish I had your patience!

lw said...

I love the Dresden plate quilt, the hand quilting is coming out really well. What marker are you using?

lindaroo said...

What an astute observation, that self-confidence comes and goes. I bet that'll help keep everything in perspective in the off-seasons.

I was so moved by yesterday's post. I didn't think I could add anything worthwhile, but I want you to know I stopped there in my blog reading for the day, and pondered it the rest of the day, and let it feed my soul. You're a brave man, to look deeply into yourself like that. I'm glad you're finding, and sharing, the buried treasures you find.