See it, Draw it, Quilt it

Okay, so this is another one of those “I have big plans” posts.  Sometimes, those get a follow-up where the big plans worked.  Sometimes, you just never hear about it again.

I’m working on this baby quilt.


I’ve completed all the ditchwork.  I’ve quilted along both sides of the blue “ribbons”, but not along the joining seams, so I can quilt an “all-over” design that runs around the quilt in bands.  Something textural, and because it’s blue, I was thinking something water-ish.  The printed fabrics have all been ditch quilted on all three sides, and that’s all I plan to quilt in those sections.  When it’s done and laundered, the denser quilting in the blue sections will cause those triangles to puff up and stand out more than the blue sections.  At least, that’s the plan.

I sat down this morning with my copy of 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs by Leah Day.  This is a picture book of her series of free motion designs that she demonstrated online. 


It was very relaxed, no pressure, sitting in the floor and flipping through the book and watching TV.  I’ve found that’s the best way to find inspiration.  If I’m pressured, I can’t decide.  But, if I’m relaxed and open to possibilities, I find stuff I like, and I knew that there was a design in here called Pebbles in a Stream that would likely work if nothing else did.

This is what spoke to me and isn’t water-ish, but it is flowing and would turn corners nicely and I sure do like it.


I like the triangles quilted into this quilt that is made up of triangles.  I plan to “doodle” this during a conference call today…yes, I’ll still be able to pay attention.  Think of just one set of geese with the outlining around it, running through all that blue.  I’d quilt it large because it’s a baby quilt and I want it to be soft and I think I’d only be able to get one line of geese in a blue row. 

I think it would be great!

Or, maybe a big flop.  Babies don’t judge.

Anyway, it’s going to be rainy and yucky this weekend and I plan to see just how much of that blue fabric I can fill with quilting because this baby is not waiting either.  Rob will deliver the other baby quilt today, and I think I beat that baby here.  Now, I’ve got to race with one more and see if I can beat it here.

Everybody have a great Friday.  Our project that has made my life hell is elevating today.  It will either be a really good day.  Or,


I can’t even think of the “or”.  It just has to be a really good day.  Okay?




Piece by Piece said...

Can't wait to see the quilting you have shown. As I blogged this a.m. I should get doing more of my own quilting. However, too busy making the quilt tops.
Have a good weekend.

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! I'm laughing out loud at how stupid I am! I'm reading along and what my mind said was, "...this baby is not waiting either. Rob is delivering the baby...". Somehow my eyes stopped there...and then proceeded to bug out of my head! I was thinking, "that Rob! He has many talents!" Then my thinking brain kicked in and I completed your sentence! Hahaha! Thanks for the giggle, even if it wasn't intentional! And,Rob, you go, buddy!

Love ya both!

lw said...

I like the flying geese one-per-row idea. I think that will look amazing.

I've got one quilt I just finished with very simple machine quilting-- ditch work and interlocking hearts on pinwheels-- and two quilts waiting to be quilted. One of them, a tee-shirt quilt, is waiting for inspiration. Have you ever done a tee shirt quilt?

Lakegaldonna said...

Of course it will be a really good day because during your conference call you can doodle!
It's 2 pm CST, hopefully you call is over and soon you'll be done with your work commitment and off to your home where that baby quilt is waiting.
Your geese will look great. Can't wait to see the quilting on it. Have a great weekend Lane.

Auntie Em said...

I had the same brief misunderstanding that Becky stated in the comment above.
"Rob is delivering the baby....quilt" How exciting!