Now that I’ve moved the furniture around in the sewing room, I have access to the dollhouse again.  I’m trying to stop calling it a dollhouse because that’s not what it is…there are no dolls.  It’s really a diorama; a miniature version of some place or event. 


I bought the tin lithograph dollhouse and I’m building room inserts to replace what is printed on the tin with the way I would prefer that the room looked.  I’ve done three rooms now, most recently the kitchen.  It’s the first room I’ve used lighting in and I’m loving the effect it gives.  This is the room, without camera flash, with the ceiling lights turned on.  Just a soft glow, like an old fashioned kitchen in the early morning.


with flash, the details start to show…


I try to put a lot of detail in a room.  I built the cabinets to fit around the sink at the end of the kitchen.


The replacement walls are chipboard, like you’d find on the back of a pad of paper, so it’s plenty stiff while still being flexible and thin.  I can glue the wallpaper to it with glue sticks and then glue things to it with wood glue, and they stay.  The venetian blind, based on the one that was in my Grandmother’s kitchen, was difficult to make.  I should have done a tutorial just on that but didn’t.  It took more than one try and more than one day.


I like to put lots of detail in a room, like the sky fabric visible through the kitchen door window.  See the hen and rooster on the shelf next to the radio?


Even the Hoosier cabinet I built is full of food.


And, even though you can’t see it, there are pots and pans in the cabinets and flatware in the drawer. 

Obsess much?

In case you haven’t seen the other rooms I did, here is the sewing room. 


And, the bedroom.  The carpet is new.  I thought it would read lighter.  It’s a dark green and may not stay. 


So that’s it for my other obsession.  The next room is the dining room, I think.  But, who knows.  There’s still a living room, a den, a deck and a bathroom.  I do it like a real house.  Move in and redecorate a little at a time.

I’ve also been sashing the civil war quilt. 


I don’t know if that dark blue is the actual outer border or not.  We’ll have to see about that.  This is the second set of sashing I’ve done on this quilt.  I was at this point last night and took it all apart and cut something new.  The first set was much lighter and it was a real swing and a miss.  It wasn’t from the same time period or theme and the print was too large.  So, now I have all the sashing to sash a 12 block quilt, cut and waiting…in case I ever need it.

Everybody have a great Sunday.  It’s the last day of my almost two weeks off work.  I’m doing my best not to look back at all the things I didn’t get done.  I just need to celebrate all the things I did accomplish.  I think Syd is celebrating almost two weeks in her pajamas, watching TV.  She made it clear from the get-go that I should not make plans that involved her. 

I think I had more fun than she did.

Be well.  Lane


Auntie Em said...

I love your little house! You've got so much detail! Thanks for the closeups and the explanations.

Gisela Suski said...

I just love your creativity and getting things done. Photos are adorable.

Piece by Piece said...

Love you house and all of the decorating you have done.
Not fond of the blue border, just my opinion.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. And so realistic. Impressive. Maybe you already know about them, but you are in good company. In the Art Institute of Chicago are tiny rooms (Thorne rooms) that are replications of period rooms each complete and accurate.

Happy New Year.

Barb said...

what a fabulous doll house!! Thanks for the tour

Unknown said...

Your's is the best mini house ever. I'd like to live in it.