Again, already

I did spend the most glorious day in the sewing studio yesterday.  I got the last border on the Civil War Stars quilt and am thinking I might pin baste it later today.  And, I got the binding on the Row Houses quilt, so it’s ready to be hand sewn to the back.  And, I remade the center of the mini challenge block.  And, just like we all knew it would, it went easier and it came out better.


It’s still not perfect, but it’s as perfect as I’m going to get at my skill level.  The good news is that even this builds skills for the next thing I try.

I got started on the eight outer points.  I have these two pieced. 


The black sections were all identical, but these eight come in pairs, and this is one pair.  Right now, they’re undergoing a special Sally Collins technique. 

In her class, I was having some trouble getting my seams to lay flat and appear straight and be the right size.  She slipped up behind me and made this suggestion.  Take it home and spritz it good with water and pin it to your ironing surface the way you want it to look and let it dry overnight. 

Guess what you have the next morning.  Perfectly shaped and sized pieces to work with. 

Later, I read that in one of Sally’s books, so it wasn’t the confidence that it felt like that day in her class, but it sure made me feel special.  The one that got the secret technique.

Of course, that could be because I’m the only one that needed the secret technique.

Looks like it’s going to be a quiet weekend around here.  I’m hoping to do a little more sewing, but I hope I don’t spend the whole weekend in the studio. 

I’m trying to decide whether to apply for a different job at my company.  I love what I do, but I’m not busy enough to suit me and I need new challenges and new successes.  I hate applying for jobs.  I feel so vulnerable.  But, sometimes, it has to be done. 

Everybody have a great weekend.  I’m planning to play it cool and quiet.  Except I have a lesson to teach about makeup and good towels. 

Ugh.  Doesn’t this parenting thing ever take a break?



FabricandFlowers said...

Good advice from Sally. I'm going to log that in my brain for hopeful retrieval.

Your block looks great.

Elizabeth said...

Get her a box of baby wipes (seriously) and ask her to wipe her make-up off using one of those before she washes her face. That will save your good towels.

Next time you show this quilt (which is quite gorgeous, btw) put a quarter in the photo to show scale.

You are an amazing quilter.

xo -E

Anonymous said...

Patience, patience, patience, you being the first born got all I had. No more left for me. That quilt you are working on is going to be gorgeous. Worthy of a blue ribbon. lum

Lakegaldonna said...

Love the Sally Collins tip, thanks. Like your first commentor said, hope to log that in my brain for future retrieval. Love your blocks so far.

You know about the parenting thing..... It's pretty awesome but you and yours will have to go through some changing times but it really does get better.

Our 30 yr old son, tech guy, is going through our home movies VHS, and converting to disk. So pretty much he's viewing them for the first time. He is father to a 3.5 yr girl and a 1.5 yr boy. He and his wife have their hands full right now with them so he's doing it at night whenever he can.

He called me last month and said 'How did we do it? These tapes are crazy, and thank you Mom so much for bringing us up like that. I now get it!'.

So, all the good stuff you are doing in your life hopefully come back around sometime. You guys keep your consistent parenting thing and it will be a rock solid base that a teenager will return to.

Good job!

lw said...

Good progress on your new quilt. As for makeup and towels, just buy dark grey or black towels and call it a day. My daughters did the makeup and hair dye thing. I needed to repaint when they moved out.

Elle said...

A little gift of Pond's Cold Cream and a small pile of thin facecloths in a color she likes.