Hardly time to blog

Hardly time to type anything today.  I spent all my time sewing…going from planning


to piecing.


More small work.  The problem with working on Stargazer during the week is I have to walk away from it…usually just when it gets really interesting.

Easier to just work on this over the weekend.

Kathleen shared her experience designing with Sally Collins at a week long workshop. Wow!  

My process is very different.  And, this only gets me to the next round.  I have no idea where I’ll go after that.

Everybody have a great Friday.  This is going to be an uncharacteristically busy weekend and I am not really looking forward to it so much.  Less time to sew and relax.  More time driving here and there.

Hope you’re not snowed in too deep.  It’s cold here…colder than it’s been in a couple weeks.  I pulled on my new green hand knitted socks and they felt delicious on my feet.

See ya!  Lane


lw said...

The gold really brings out the pattern in your original center block-- so pretty!

Hope all goes well with Sydney's singing this weekend-- break a leg.

Rebecca Grace said...

Sydney is singing this weekend? How wonderful! Hopefully you'll enjoy the weekend in spite of yourself. There will be other weekends to sew.