Okay, so WIPs are not the same as UFOs in my studio.  A WIP is something that is actively being worked on (work in progress).  A UFO is languishing (unfinished object).  Sometimes, a WIP and a UFO can be created by the same thing, like need for the perfect border or binding fabric.  A UFO can become a WIP when I stumble up on a flour sack that will make the perfect border for that 30’s reproduction fabrics sampler quilt that needed the perfect fabric.

These are a few of my WIPs, and promises of others to come.

Of course, there’s the current challenge project. 


Since you saw a photo, I’ve taken the center apart and put it back together again.  It’s better, but still not just right.  Don’t be surprised if I make it again.  The first black triangle unit I made was a real pain in the rear, but the second one just went together perfect the first time.  My process keeps evolving to easier and easier methods with less and less fabric waste.  By the time I’m done, my skills might be up to making this one.

And, for my leader/ender, I’ve got the barbed wire Linus quilt going together. 


Yes, it’s a mess.  Blocks become rows, rows become a quilt top.  There is a pattern that I followed for the light and medium stars, and I couldn’t figure it out in my head, so once the rows are together, I’ll be able to figure out what I need to piece to make the border.  The border finishes the quilt so that there are no half stars around the edge.

And, the Row Houses quilt would likely be finished and washed, except I didn’t have anything suitable for a binding.  I had perfect prints, but not enough.  Or, I had a yard or two, but it didn’t go with the border.  So, JoAnn’s to the rescue.  I just need to get it assembled and attached to the quilt.  But, I’ve kinda lost my umph on this one as I absorb myself in the mini challenge.


The quilt is quilted with an all-over meander that is pointy and reminds me of wind. 


And, I did a simple ivy in the border.

I finished a pair of socks on Saturday, in the car, on our roadtrip. 


Socks are great little hand work projects.  Very portable.  But, I’ve made like three pair in a row.  Now, I’m ready for something else, so I’ve picked up an applique project for my hand work.  But, that deserves a post of its own. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  I have scheduled Friday as a vacation day and I’m not sure exactly how I”m going to spend it, but you can bet it will include attaching a border to another WIP and attaching a binding to the Row Houses quilt. 

I’m ready to tackle my next UFO and see how fast I can finish something else. 



Becky said...

I love your determination!! Maybe you can send me a box full!!

Patricia said...

I am so learning from you----in fact I want to be like you when I grow up.

mssewcrazy said...

It's ok if you have ufos as much as you get done. You deserve a huge pat on the back for getting the house quilt to its pretty state and finding a binding fabric for it. You may be sick of it but it is very nice. I would love to be able to make socks. You get more accomplished than most of us can even dream up to put on a wannado list.

lw said...

I wonder if doing a second center block from scratch would work as well as it did for the black triangles?

I love the row houses quilt, it looks a lot better with the quilting in it, more dimensional.

Anonymous said...

Love the row houses quilt. If you are still looking for a new project other than socks, your Mom just might need a knitted cap before summer. Also your Mom wants a dinning table runner to match the small one from last year. If you need anymore ideas, just let me know. Abbie might want a knitted cap to go with her red hair. lum.