What’s next?

What’s next for that man that quilts, now that baby quilt-palooza is winding down? 

I have maybe two hours of quilting left on the second baby quilt.

And, just like everybody, I’d love to start something new.  I love new.  Who doesn’t?  New is good.

This maybe?


or this?


But, I’ve made a deal with myself that first, I have to finish something that is started.  So, I pulled out my second oldest UFO.

The first oldest UFO is a hand quilting project and I already have one of those going…that may never end.  So, I am excused from working on the oldest UFO at this time.  Thank you quilt police.  The official notice came in the mail yesterday.


This is Flavin Glover’s pattern, Row Houses.  I found the pattern, just when my quilting took that turn…when I got a good machine and learned how to actually sew…and match points and understand fabric and quilting. 

Anyway, the quilt is based on log cabin blocks, so each window is the center of a log cabin block and you build around that and then it all comes together as a house…you know, some magic happens and you have a quilt.

Except mine didn’t get past this; twelve houses and twelve rooflines.


So, for my next feat, I am going to roof these houses and get this quilt together and see if I can’t find a nice border or two and maybe do some simple and easy quilting…I will NOT quilt in every ditch…I willlllllll nnnnnnooooooootttttttttt. 

I made two of these quilts.  One was the real one and one was a practice piece, made out of what I considered scraps…and all solids.  I finished the practice piece, including the quilting.  But, I never got back to the real quilt.  The practice piece wore me out on this pattern.  And, it was six houses, so in total, I made 18.  No wonder I was burned out.

So, it’s that time.  Time to draw a UFO to a close.  Even if I just get it all assembled and ready to quilt, that’s something.

Have a great Friday.  My project that I thought elevated last Friday did not…yes, I had egg on my face when they figured out I was testing something that didn’t change…and I found something wrong with it.

Hopefully, nothing wrong today. 



Becky said...

I admire your determination to finish one before you start another. That is exactly what I am trying to talk myself into doing. Actually, I want to finish a few before starting something new. I'll let you know how THAT goes!! hahahaha!

Have a great weekend!
Love ya!

Kath said...

Thankyou Lane. I was being very tough on myself (wagging finger) You will finish all your UFOs before starting anything new!
Now I have changed the rules. I shall just finish One UFO then I can start something new - Yippee!

Patricia said...

I made this quilt!!!! I was a novice at quilting as well and loved to IRON, so, my houses were a little stretched out. I finished it though and gave it to my oldest daughter who had it framed in a antique quality shadow box method---it is suspended so the glass doesn't touch it, etc. At any rate, I have always meant to make another one. I have the entire book. Maybe I will look for it tomorrow. Mine was scrappy (of course) and I quilted a simple large meander. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself. Have fun!

mssewcrazy said...

The house quilt is going to be really beautiful. You've had a break from it and are a super quilter now so get back to work on it. I try really hard to finish projects before moving on though I mostly sew garments. I find if I ever leave something I forget why I started it or lose interest like this so that's the biggest reason I really hate to leave a project. I really hope you will do this quilt as it will be amazing like all of yours are.

Rebecca Grace said...

Those row houses are really neat, Lane! It will feel great to knock out a finish from that one. That medallion quilt in the magazine looks pretty cool, too... You could always start both... ;-)