Color like a big boy

I forgot how much fun it is to color.  Even if you’re just using three colors.

These are my first drafts of what to do with the Star Spangled Banner Feathered Star block.


I blew up the sketch from Marsha McCloskey’s book, but it already had shading in it.  So, I traced that..it was remarkably easy.  Then, I made copies of that.  And, then I colored in the star the way I wanted.  I made copies of that and started to draw in borders. 

I’m leaning toward the one on the left.  I love the one on the right.  It was my original vision.  But, if my high school geometry is correct, it is 40” square, before I add any borders (a squared + b squared = c squared, where a and b are equal and c is 28”.  that is the triangle for one side, and the side is two triangles, so double the answer.  Can you do it in your head?  I couldn’t.  Not even sure it’s the right formula.  Mrs S. would be so disappointed), and that’s getting a little bigger than I wanted.  So, I’ve kept coloring in the one on the left and I’m thinking it’s closer to the finished product.  But, first, it all has to be drawn on actual graph paper.  Not the center.  I’m not going to try to scale it down to fit exactly, but the border, using the finished size of the block from the book.  It’s too many pieces and too complex to try to wing it, like I normally do.  I would normally make the border and then add inconspicuous spacers if I needed to, to make it fit.  I’d probably be okay without that, this time.  But that means drawing.  Worst case scenario, I satisfy my need to make the quilt before it ever gets off paper.

Everybody have a great Friday.  Today is Friday the 13, an impractical day to start a relationship because tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  And, the day after that, I get a year older.  Well, on paper.  In real time, I’ll just be one day older. 

And, I’m gonna keep thinkin’ of it just like that…don’t be the one that tries to burst the bubble.  You could be injured.



Marei said...

Good luck, today, Lane. Lots of love, tomorrow. And Happy Birthday (just a day older) on Sunday!! Love your coloring and I think this is going to be a great looking quilt.

lw said...

If I understand this correctly, a and b both equal about 19.8". So 2 times ~20 is 40" on a side, so you're right. Maybe a little big for a wall hanging?

But I love the design.

If your triangle isn't a right triangle, it's half the base times the height.

Mary said...

I like that thinking "only one day older". Going to try and remember that.

lw said...

No, wait-- the second formula is area, not length...

lw said...

And, happy birthday!!

Elizabeth said...

Geometry. Blech.

I like the one on the right.

Age is just a number. You're as young as you feel :D .

xo -E

P.S. Happy belated birthday!