Highlights of this week

These are just a few of my favorite moments of the week. 

This is a greeting card that I got for Christmas, along with the frame.  I needed a piece of black paper to back the card with and fill the frame and it took this long to get that done.  Shame.


A Good Cook Knows that it is not what is on the Table that matters, but what is in the Chairs. – Leigh Standley

Thanks, Rob and Sydney.

And, this.


That is a one eighth inch wide strip of white fabric sewn between two other strips.  The coin is a dime.  Just needed to make sure I still could before I try it on Stargazer.  (eek, it has a name…)

And, this.

Blind Trust Project, Do you trust me social experiment.

I watched four seconds of it this morning and started to cry again because I know what happens.  Sydney doesn’t understand why this would make me cry. 

Would you pass by?  Would you stop to watch?  Would you dare to hug?

Hugs are good.  People need hugs. 

Have a great Thursday.  What are your favorite things?



lw said...

Must be a quilter thing, it made me cry, too. I would have hugged him.

I can't believe that eighth inch line! Wow!

Lakegaldonna said...

Ok, I got misty eyed too. I don't know what I'd do until it presented itself.

Love your framed card. Your special ones are very observant aren't they?

That eighth inch line is really nice. Thanks for sharing all these things.

Kay said...

Thank you for sharing. It made me cry and smile. I would hug! I love your card!

Kath said...

I once got told off at work for hugging colleagues (who had hugged me back!).
I loved this, especially when the Dad placed that little girl in the guys arms. Thankyou for sharing Lane.
I hope you come to England one day so we can share a hug!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite thing today is LadyBug. She's 13. I've hugged her a bunch already and sang every version of a happy birthday song I know. Party and presents to come.

Keep quilting and keep sharing. I'd hug you, if I could.

xo -E