A very good non-shopper

Last night, instead of a presenter, the guild held a “second chance boutique”, which is basically a garage sale where guild members can reserve a table and sell stuff they don’t want anymore.  I’m clearing out stuff, not buying more stuff, so I was doing my best not to shop.  And, I was pretty successful.  I spent all of $5 and got 3 yards of fabric and a pattern.


Willpower!  Believe me.  But, I had the best time walking around and visiting with guild members.  We chatted and talked and because several members of this guild are also members of the guild where I spoke, I got lots of positive feedback about my talk.  It was fun.  My only regret is that there was a guy there…yes a GUY at guild meeting, other than me.  At first, when I tried to speak, he wouldn’t meet my eye.  And, that put me off.  Later, he became more open and comfortable, but by that time, I was headed out and didn’t stop to talk.  I should have. 

Greatest temptation?  A black featherweight from the 30’s or 40’s with all the attachments, manual, case and table. 

I gave myself permission to look and read about it, until an actual potential buyer came along, and then I drifted away, like a good boy…who already owns so many machines.

Have a great Tuesday.  Lane

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lw said...

Passing up a really old Featherweight with all of the original attachments is willpower.

I wonder if the other guy has social anxiety? My first husband was just like that-- he'd want to talk, but couldn't.

I am bidding on an Eldredge Two Spool on eBay. It's three hours away, for pick up only (unless I arrange UPS if it's not too pricey.) It's complete, but it looks like it's got some rust.