One minute at a time

I decided to give something a try this weekend.  Every time I went into or out of the sewing room, I cleaned for one minute. 

Yeah, I know.  Doesn’t make sense, but I’m the world’s worst “puller outer without putting upper” and you can actually put away a whole handful of stuff in a single minute.  Many times, my minute turned into 15 or 30 or more.  That was fine.  But, I had to clean at least one minute. 

It worked.  Oh, there’s no miracle picture that makes me proud to show off my cluttered sewing room, but at least most things are back where they belong and I can get to them. 

In the meantime, I threw away 4 bags of trash.  Stuff I didn’t need to keep.  Batting scraps for batting I didn’t like and don’t plan to use again.  No need to keep those.  The scrap cuttings that I’ve been saving in case I ever wanted to make a crumb quilt.  But, that stuff multiplies.  And, when you add it to every tool needed to make any kind of quilt or garment and a stash that I’ll never use up, you end up with a bunch of stuff.  And, sometimes, you need to let some of that stuff go.  I’ve even started a box of stuff to put on the free table at a future guild meeting.  Never thought I’d do that.

And, when I wasn’t cleaning, I was finishing the quilting on the Indian Orange Peel quilt (The Point is the Points).  I made myself a deal.  Instead of perpetually ripping out quilting on this one and replacing it, I’d just finish it and set it aside.  IF, after I have finished the other quilt for the show I have any time, I will come back to this quilt and work on making it better.  (invisible monofilament thread was not my best idea and it was an even worse idea to use it in the bobbin. 


I’m binding it in the same fabric I used for the backing. 


Hopefully, that will hide binding mistakes because we all know that no matter how good your binding is, every judge is required to give feedback on ways it could be better.  It’s also the narrowest binding I’ve ever used.  I cut it 2” wide instead of 2 1/4”.  Just that eighth of an inch on each side makes a huge difference in how tight the binding feels. 

There were a few places around the edge where I had to make a choice between points and straight lines.  And, in one place, I chose to include a slight curve that I intend to put on the lower right side of the quilt where I don’t think anyone will notice it.  At least I hope not.  And, if it can be seen, then I hope it looks like a fold line.  And, I hope the judge falls for that.

Okay, so that’s it for me today.  Still trying to figure out the last border for the silk house quilt.  I will not panic, I will not panic, I will not panic.  I’ve looked at quilt books and quilt pics and quilt show pics and I haven’t got a single idea.  Except maybe to draw something.  I pulled out something I drew for a quilt a few years ago, but it was too wide.  RATS! 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

Great idea for the one minute clean ups. And the Point is the Points is looking great. I think that your original idea of invisible monofiliment thread was a good one, because that quilt does not need the visual clutter that a colored thread might cause.

If you're truly stuck, maybe get your mentor to look at the silk quilt for binding the last edge? Or you could be like the better contestants on Project Runway, where pressure makes some really spectacular results.

Anonymous said...

Please do not panic. You have worked hard to get where you are and I'm sure its all perfect. Don't call judges attention to anything, let them find it if they can. The quilt you have finished is magnificent. Can't wait to see the silk one. Give our best to all. lum

Becky said...

The quilt is stupendous! You let me know if they quibble about that quilt and I will hunt them down and whip them with a wet noodle!!