Look out the window

I was on the way to the Optometrist yesterday afternoon and he was sitting on the side of the road, in the shade of an overpass with two dogs; one white and big and powerful, clearly the brawn of the organization and the other black, with smart, sparkling eyes; both sleek and well fed and watered.  The boy was young, probably not 30.  I don’t usually give to panhandlers that look like they’re as able to work as I am.  I know, I shouldn’t judge one more deserving than the other, but I prefer to share what I can with the schizophrenic lady and the one legged man. 

His sign said “Anything Helps”.  Anything?  No, not anything.  Any Amount.  And, I reached into my pocket and pulled out what I had and passed it through the window.  Not much; couple of bucks.  Enough for a couple of tacos for supper.  When he opened his mouth to thank me, I realized he had maybe a half dozen teeth.  It likely should have made me sad, but it made me smile.  And, it broke my mood of the day.  I always wish a good day and share with a big smile and usually an admonishment to stay cool or warm, depending on the season.  Yesterday was no different. 

And, as I drove away, I felt good.  Real good.  As though the whole point of my day was to share with this young man and his dogs.  And, that kind of made the allergies and the heat and the news and the politics and the quilt show just a background noise, like static on the radio. 

My real purpose was to buy a guy supper.  And, help make sure Sydney grows into a productive member of society.  And, hold dinner for Rob when he was late from work, just to show him how important I think he is.  And, help my friend at work figure out how to piece the quiltblock she’s working on, and seeing that look of relief in her eyes when she understood why her triangles wouldn’t line up. 

My Mom would call this counting my blessings.  So, let’s call it that.  Blessed by the things I can do, more than the things I can’t do anything about. 

Have a great Friday.



Anonymous said...

Thank-you Lane, for passing it on. You are right, these are the things that matter. I love to pay for the person behind when I buy breakfast tacos. It makes me entire day.
Melissa in Cibolo, Tx

Becky said...

Love you!!

PattiLynn said...

Bless you!

Altho I did get a laugh, cause at first I thought your Optometrist was the one sitting on the side of the road! oops...

Unknown said...

Nice post. You're right. The news is nothing short of depressing. I choose to read your blogs in lieu of all the redundant media coverage.

In fact, I reviewed one of my french cookbooks, while Mickey had the news on. Enough already.

We all have purpose. And, it matters that we all discover our purpose. I learned long ago, that people come into my life for a reason. My Dad told me at a very young age, that my humanity and humility would be tested routinely through-out my life. He was right.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a productive weekend.

Anonymous said...

"Bless you my child"
What a way to get over the doldrums. Help someone and count your blessings. You are a very unique person. Love you so much. lum

Anonymous said...

Good work! made my day.

Lakegaldonna said...

You are a very wise human. Thanks for sharing that story with us.