Slow and steady progress

It’s been several days since I blogged. A lot has happened.  School started on Monday.  That was both a good and a bad thing as I had to take over my old chores again.  Ugh.  That afternoon, I had jury duty, which consisted of sitting around while the judge heard 14 motions, any of which could have turned into a trial, but none of which actually did, meaning I sat around for a very long time while lawyers wrangled in the adjoining room, only to be dismissed with no excitement.  hmmm.

And, on Tuesday, I had some minor oral surgery.  I’m still on a very soft, diet…liquids and pasta and eggs and smoothies.  Lots of nutrition drinks.  But, it’s had to get calories out of a liquid diet unless you walk around with a drink in your hand all the time.  So, I’m hungry most of the time and just want something to chew…maybe we’ll have a roast on Monday, when I can eat again. 

The Point is the Points is finished and hanging for our pleasure. 


And, we’re loving it.  I’m going to make a slight adjustment to the sleeve to get rid of a wrinkle in the bottom hem.  But, other than that, it’s ready to be folded and dropped off for the show.

And, I’m sewing the sleeve to the silk quilt.  So far, I’ve only put one stitch with a green thread all the way through to the brown front of the quilt.  That’s going to have to be fixed.  Oops!


And, I finished the transport and storage bag for The Geronimo Quilt.


It’s made like a messenger bag without straps, with a foldover top that buttons.  When I make a bag, I make it to use long term.  This will be the quilt’s permanent storage bag.  I’m trying to get all my quilts in protective bags, but alas, that urge comes and goes and I have a lot of quilts.

And, while I was taking pain meds, I was afraid to use a rotary cutter or even a needle, so I made significant progress on my scarf.


I think I’m at about three and a half feet.  It’s got a herringbone look on one side and I’m really enjoying that.  It took me several false starts to figure out the pattern, but once I got it, it was very simple.  A video on the internet saved the day.

The gears for my Mom’s sewing machine came in yesterday.  I bought the service manual, thinking it would include the repair manual like many other Singer service manuals do.  Not so on this one.  The manual did not include any repairs, except the basic repairs to be encountered in routinely servicing the machine.  Still valuable, but not what I expected.  Anyway, I found a video of a repairman replacing these exact gears and I’m feeling ready to tackle it.  It took him 15 minutes.  Probably take me a whole day of muttering swear words under my breath. 

Have a great Friday.  Looking forward to a three day weekend. 



Lakegaldonna said...

I've been missing your blogging but under your circumstances I can understand why!

Love the Point is the Point quilt. I wonder if you can share what you are going to do to the sleeve to take the bottom wave go away? Share share, especially if it works.

I went to the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week and I saw some awesome quilts. One was a silk quilt that I did take a pic of. It reminded me of yours so I will send you a pic soon of it. I hope you do well in the show with yours.

Hoping your dental business heals as it is supposed to and that you get to have your roast on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Knitwitsowls said...

Swearing whilst fixing a sewing machine is a must ! Love your quilt

Anonymous said...

That machine is as old as your youngest sister. Surprised you were able to find parts. Take care and have a great week-end. lum

lw said...

That Point quilt is so beautiful!

I love knitting for stress, and for times when I'm too tired to sew. It's a very forgiving craft, if you make a mistake, just pull out a few rows and keep going. Very relaxing.

Also, youtube has been great for my knitting and repairs, too. That's the best part of the internet-- sharing your art and expertise with friends-- with blogs and all of those wonderful how to videos

Rebecca Grace said...

Ooh, Lane! The Point is the Points is MAGNIFICENT!!! I'm sure you are enjoying it! What an inspiration. I hope your oral surgery adventure wasn't too horrendous and that you're enjoying some delicious SOLID food again soon. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Becky said...

OMG, it is even more spectacular hanging on the wall!! Could I ask you a huge favor??!! Would you please take a picture of it without the lamp and e-mail it to me! It would surely be greatly appreciated...and enlarged and hung on the wall in my Roomio so I can enjoy it!!
Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

the most beautiful quilt!!! I could never keep up your schedule. You get so much done, you make me feel like a slacker!!

Barbara said...

I'm glad you're back! I love the quilt, The Point is the Points, both the pattern and the color.

Lakegaldonna said...

Came across this post again. Yay, it's Monday. Hoping you can eat yummy solid foods starting today.

Carla said...

That quilt is gorgeous hanging up.