The trip that wasn’t

My trip this week was not meant to be.  I did my part.  The airline cancelled my flight, and because I’m not gold-diamond-platinum-special, they wouldn’t put me on another airline.  So, I had them bring me home.  But, even that was long and drawn out.

I understand business.  I know that things happen.  But, I felt like they kept us in the dark.  Every hour, on the hour, they delayed the flight by another hour.  But nobody came out and told us.  We only found out when one of us went to the monitor and saw the delay and came back and told the rest. 

Anyway, by mid afternoon, when they cancelled, there just weren’t any flights left that would get me there.  Not even with an extra stop.

And, there were some very angry and aggressive people at that gate.  I pulled my smile out of my pocket and I called a customer service rep and I was polite and understanding and friendly and she got me on a flight to Austin.  BUT, my travel woes weren’t over.  There was bad weather north of Austin.  Dallas is also north of Austin.  So, we went to west and then south and then we went East, and finally, north to Austin.  My 27 minute flight took an hour and a half. 

But, I was home by bedtime.

So, how about a quilt picture to cheer me up. 


Around the border, here are the leaves. 

There were questions about the paper marking.


Here, you can see the needle punched paper on the left.  I’ve pinned it to the quilt, and quilted along the lines.  Then, I tear the paper away and that leaves the quilting. 

I had planned to fill in the background with filler, but now that I’m seeing it, I’m not sure i want to.  One of the main purposes of that filler was to quilt the quilt in an equal density over the whole thing so it would lay flat.  But, just this much quilting brought the border into control and it’s nearly flat.  I can block the rest out after the quilt is washed.  I’m going to try an eighth inch outline around the leaves, but I don’t know.  There are a couple of places that might need a leaf or two to fill an empty space, and there’s a short section where the backing shows around the fold…oops!  But, I might be about done.  

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Becky said...

Bless your heart! What a day! Glad you are home, anyway....

Sharlene said...

Two words about your quilt: Stunningly gorgeous!
I'll have to remember to "pull my smile out of my pocket" when in a situation like yours. Good for you.

Pam said...

Beautiful quilt -- thank you for the pretty. I fly about 12 - 19 weeks a year and when that happens (even when I have elite status) -- I try to tell my self it was not meant to be for some reason. Not sure it helps but it makes me feel better.

Elizabeth said...

Our flight home from Orlando in January was delayed, delayed, delayed, delayed. We finally boarded & were just about to take off when the pilot announced that we were going back to the gate b/c of a problem. Then the flight was cancelled. And they kept us in the dark about the whole thing. The airline automatically bumped us to another flight, but that's not really what we wanted. Our flight the next morning was delayed and they let us know by calling us at 4:30 in the morning. At that point, I was so grumpy about the whole thing. Or delayed replacement flight was delayed, delayed, delayed which caused us to miss several connecting flights. When we finally made it through the first leg of our journey, we had to go to a different gate b/c there was something wrong at the gate we were supposed to use. Upon exiting the plane, I went to the counter to ask if they could help us with a new connecting flight and they told us they had to board the next plane and we'd have to go down to a little office down the way. At that point, Mr. Bug, who is the most patient person I know, just about lost it. The whole experience was miserable. I really think that airlines could use a refresher in customer service. Managing expectations would save them a lot of angry and rude customers. Our trip home was delayed by 24 hours. We were tired and had little patience for it, but on the up side, at least we didn't miss the first day of our vacation because of it.

Your silk quilt is gorgeous, as always!

xo -E

lw said...

I travel 2-3 times a month, most months. So far I've only had one outright cancellation, but the story was the same-- the hour by hour delay, and then after 3 hours, I spotted the pilot and asked him what was going on, thus avoiding the rush to the counter downstairs to get a hotel voucher. Unfortunately, it was my wedding anniversary and I was really wanting to be home. We had to get up at 3AM for the first flight out. I agree with Elizabeth that managing expectations-- being honest and forthright-- would make a huge difference in how I felt about the experience.

lindaroo said...

A whole day of travel, and you didn't even get to go somewhere? Phooey! I'm assuming you at least got paid for your time?
The border on the silk quilt is lovely! I agree, it makes a very nice frame just as it is. Ooooh, I'd be a little apprehensive about washing it!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is one of a kind and just beautiful. You can tell how much work went into it. I am so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself. lum

Unknown said...

You are doing a fabulously, stupendous job. Unbelievable. I think we should all just hang it up and give you your own brand. Artistry beyond my capability.