Waiting at the airport

It's the wee small hours before dawn. I was lucky enough to be randomly selected for precheck service, which meant I didn't have to unpack or unload my pockets. Whooo-eee. And the line was short enough to make me feel guilty.

Now, it's just waiting for the day to start. It's a rough trip. I always feel that way about the ones where I think my time is being wasted. But, such is life until i can afford to buy an island.

Much quilting was done this weekend around the packing. I got the leaf border on three sides of the silk quilt. And at bee on Saturday, I got a lot done on the restoration. I ended up six inches short on the binding and just wasnt up to correcting that yesterday. But all the holes are patched and look wonderful. I didn't find the exact match plaid but picked some cotton gingham that was really close and coffee dyed it. If you didn't know it was there, you'd have a hard time finding it.

They have finished calling the thirty seven classes of special people so I'll be boarding soon. With the commoners.

Paper marking the leaf pattern on my silk quilt worked perfect. The background stitchin I was going to use is unnecessary, meaning that quilt is nearly finished and there will be plenty of time to go back and work on little corrections.

Everybody have a great day!!



Becky said...

Safe travels, dear friend!

lw said...

I'm glad you were able to find the right fabric (and coffee) to match the missing bits of your vintage quilt.

I'm traveling this week, too. Safe travels, and may the crying babies and loud toddlers be sitting far away from you.