Back where we belong

Yes, it is nice to all be back where we belong, whether it is summer camp, or the office.

Still no smoking for Rob. I'm worried that I'll buise one of us from patting him on the back with all my congratulations. He's still struggling with the habit part of it, but he seems to be past the addiction part of it. We're all very proud, especially him.

And, Sydney was glad to go to summer camp today, after missing most of last week. She weighed yesterday and is down 5 pounds from feeling too yucky to eat last week. She came running in the kitchen yesterday to tell me. Unfortunately, this had an unexpected side effect. We explained that because she hadn't eaten much for long, her stomach had shrunk and so it didn't take much to fill her up. Now, she doesn't want to eat much so she doesn't "stretch" her stomach. While that's sort of a good thing, it is NOT the attitude about food we want in the long run. I'll have to tempt her with something really yummy (I'm thinking fried chicken) while I remind her about the whole "moderation, not deprivation" concept. Of course, I may lose that chance when they tempt her with snacks at summer camp today. The goal is good food choices, not fear of eating.

And, I'm back at my office...and glad to be here. Of course, it's been two weeks and my office computer is still not fully functional. So, there's a lot of stuff I can't do, but it's more than I could do most of last week and I can do it from my own desk instead of a location that is shared by lots of people in the building.

I did get two more of the large arcs made last night and this morning, I remembered that I have a $5 quilt block due this Thursday. I got that knocked out in the time we'd normally be doing yoga. We've been on haitus since Sydney got sick, but I plan for us to walk in the morning and get back into the routine.

Gooodness, I love my routines. I hated winging it last week and not knowing what to expect from every day. I may be stuck in a rut, but it's my rut and I'm very comfortable with it.

Y'all take care and we'll see you round the internet. Lane


Shirleymac said...

Congrats to Sydney on losing 5 pounds! Stick to healthy food for her. Explain that with execise healthy food won't put the weight back on. Unfortunately, Lane, fried chicken will unless she takes the skin off. It's okay for a treat very occasionally but baked or grilled is a better choice. Also this time of year with all the fresh fruit and veggies there's lots she can eat without compromising her accomplishment. Do you have a healthy food guide? Maybe if she saw that she'd know that she has to eat a certain amount each day for her health.

Hazel said...

Yeah Sidney , what a great accomplishment . My daughter had the same problem at that age so we made a deal , if she wanted a small bowl of ice cream she would make it then give me half .This was the same for all meals ,she lost 35 pounds in one year and 22 years later still maintaines her weight that way ,by doing it with her own teenage daughter .It's great fun teasing each other as to who has the bigger half and she never felt deprived of her favorite foods .Your a good person to stand by both Rob and Sidney I'm sure some days it's harder on you, then it is on them .