computer problems

Grrrr. My laptop decided to have a problem yesterday so no Turquoise Sunday. It's in the shop today...okay, so a friend that works in IT has it and it checking it out to see if it's dead or just sick. I think sick and the first thing he suggested (which was imminently repairable) might be the problem. I've got fingers crossed on both hands. He'll look at it later in the day and let me know. Don't know if he'll do the work or just give the diagnosis. Either way, I'm ahead. It pays to be nice to people.

I had planned to quilt all afternoon Saturday, but it didn't turn out that way. Rob and Sydney went to the pool, where it was hot! Hot! HOT! I stayed home and steam-cleaned carpets, and dusted, and scrubbed the kitchen, and put away all the piles of stuff scattered through the house to get ready for Mom's visit. Sunday morning, we all pitched in and knocked out the rest, including the yard, and then I quilted all afternoon.

I have all the centers made for the Indian Orange Peel quilt and 35 small arcs and a few more large sections for the border and corners. Of course, no pic because there's no computer. Grrrr, again.

We'll have to see how the week goes. My work computer was messed up all last week, so I have a to-do list as long as my arm. I'm supposed to get another one...sometime. We'll have to see how that goes. And, I need to work as much as I can and don't know when I'll get to do that. There's no "plan" for while my Mom is here. Everyone else will be in control of her time, so I'll get to see her when we can. I'll take some time off work and work from home as much as I can and maybe I won't be this far behind next Monday.

BTW, Sydney pulled her date book out last night at bed time and informed me she was available to visit with my Mom any day but Thursday. On Thursday, the summer camp is going to the Young Chef's Academy for a field trip. She was so cute and "grown up" about it. It was all I could do to be serious until I could get to the other room and tell Rob...while I couldn't stop giggling.

Take care and have a great Monday. I'll see ya' 'round blogland. Lane


Jay said...

You make me jealous talking about `the kid'. I miss those days. Of course our kids are all grown up and have kids of their own. That too makes me jealious of you in the fact they live 12-1300 miles from us but all within 100 miles of your home. I know I don't have to tell ya to love her like crazy while she is young... seems like in a couple of years they have grown up and gone.
By the way... been meaning to tell ya that it is always great to know there are other male quilters out there.. I'm not in your class but have been around the block (or should I say quilting frame) a couple of times ;-)

my best to you

Molly's Jay

Becky said...

I hope you have a peaceful visit with your Mom. I also love Sydney's organizational abilities!! Some day she will be sooooo happy she got into that habit.

Quiltluver said...

We don't realize how much we rely on computers until they aren't there when we need them:( That was a cute story about Sydney. Hope all goes well with your Mom's visit. Take care, Karen

Vesuviusmama said...

Gosh, you seem to be pretty rough on computers...