Hot news!

Okay, did you fall for that? It's me. You should know me well enough by now to know there ain't no hot news, except the weather. And, it is VERY hot. But, I do have some proud updates.

Family: Rob still hasn't had a smoke, although I thought he might run up to the corner store for a pack after my Mom called last night. Sydney is still following the diet and gave me a run for my money on the chessboard last night. I won, but just barely. She's getting really good...okay, I'm not all that good, but she's as good as me, which is really good for an 11 year old.

Quilting: I got another couple of arcs made and my mentor and I have scheduled a play date on 07/11 to sew together again. I enjoy sewing with her. We sew some and we talk some. It's nice that we can sit in the same room together and not feel obligated to talk. I don't have many friends I can sit with for long without feeling obligated to fill the silence.

And, I found several blogs for other guys that quilt, and a website devoted to male quilters. I read lots of their posts and was impressed with their skills and goals. More new friends to make now that I've moved to a bigger blog site.

And, if you're a blogger from my previous site, you'll be glad to know that I finally figured out what I'm doing wrong that keeps me from being able to log in over there and hope to have an account set up soon so I won't have to comment anonymously anymore. I'm still going to blog over here, but I have friends there that I want to keep up with, too, and an account there will help with that.

Tonight, I'm going to a work dinner downtown. Now, Austin isn't that big a place, but we hardly ever go downtown, so it will be an adventure. And, the folks I work with like to eat at nice places, so I'll get a good meal out of it. Rob and Sydney are doing takeout, so everyone wins...especially Sydney who won't have to do dishes.

Take care. Have a great Thursday and we'll see ya' round the internet. Summer camp is closed tomorrow, so I'm going to be home with Sydney. We'll see if we can find a little trouble to get into before it gets to hot. I'll let you know if we think of anything. Lane


kwiltmakr said...

Hmmmm, my family is about the same way, distance is best and no contact either. Noticed how I used hmmmm the way you did??

quiltfool said...

In fairness to Kwiltmaker, I edited my post, so her comment looks a little out of place. That call with my Mom last night didn't go all that well, and today's follow-up call was worse, so much so that it was too frustrating to blog about. So, I took a more positive spin on today's post than I originally had. Hmmmm. I feel better already. Outta sight, outta mind. Lane

oldbatt said...

Lane - have a super weekend and enjoy your time with Sydney tomorrow! Glad you found a site with quilting men on it but don't go getting any ideas and leaving all of the women behind - we would miss you terribly! Lisa

Sharon said...

I just stumbled upon your site, I like your style. And I can't wait to see your quilt top as it progresses. Family always comes first, but sometimes we have to put ourselves first in order to make the family time happen. Enjoy the journey of your quilt.

Becky said...

Tell us all about the good food! Like Lisa, I'm glad you found the male quilter site, but ya better not give up on us......I might have to join the men's site under a pseudonym to keep up with you!!!

MaryMM said...

Have a wonderful 4th of July Lane!! I would love to send you a cool breeze of the Pacific but I am using it all right now. Keep Cool!!!!