Progress is being made...

Here's the updated pic of the Indian Orange Peel quilt, sans borders. I haven't worked on the borders much. My mentor cut wider strips to make those easier and they're in a box, just waiting. For now, I'm mindlessly making the smaller arcs and I've got all the center 4 patches made. Yes, there are 49 of the 120 small arcs made. Whoohoo!!! Nothing like a little stress sewing to make some progress.

My Mom called late last night to tell us she was here and that she'd gone to dinner with my cousins and they had plans for all the rest of the week made for her. Now, you have to remember that I was specifically told that plans could not be made because we were at the mercy of everyone else's schedules. I guess I misunderstood exactly who "everyone" was. Apparently it's only the people that don't work or have responsibilities that can make plans, not those that need to do other things. The hardest thing is that she's decided that we need to spend a big chunk of Saturday together, which came as a surprise because what I was told earlier was that they were leaving early Saturday...and of course, Saturday is the only day that my family has appointments and plans this week. Oh, well. Not changing our plans, especially since one of those plans is to sew with my mentor and the other one is a visit with the therapist WHICH I'M GONNA NEED REAL BAD!
And, Sydney is sick. She's running a high fever, but has no other symptoms. She doesn't even feel bad, just some allergies. In two years, this is the 3rd time she's run one of these fevers, so I guess we'll be making an appt with the doctor to discuss it. I'm sure there's nothing, but I want it on the doctor's records, at least. They usually last 24 hours and then she's ready to go again. Oh, how I envy all that energy.
And, work is very frustrating. My work laptop also died last Monday, so I haven't been able to make any progress on any of my projects since then, but new projects just keep coming in. I tried to work from home yesterday after I picked Sydney up, but found another problem with the new laptop they gave me. That's 4 different things wrong with it so far.
But, on a good note, Rob and the IT guy found a laptop almost just like my old personal one for sale locally. Rob took off early yesterday and bought it and brought it home for me. I replaced the hard drive with my old hard drive and I'm back in business. The processor isn't quite as good on this one as my old one, but it will certainly do, since I don't play video games on my laptop.
So, that's some progress made. I can't wait for life to get back to the normal level of crazy. I don't realize how much I love the life we've made for ourselves until it is interrupted for a while. But, I know that next week, when all this is over, I'll be more appreciative...and if I'm not, would someone please remind me?
Have a great Wednesday and we'll see ya round the world wide web. Lane


Becky said...

Glad you are back with a laptop! I sure hope Sydney is feeling better....that's a bummer that they keep reappearing. And since it's summer she can't even get a day off from school!!!! ;)
I love the progress on the orange peels!

Hazel said...

Oh Lane ,boy can I relate to you ,my son will arrive on Saturday and there has been nothing but power struggles to see who will get him and when .Glad you got a working laptop ,it's really sad how much we depend on them LOL .Love Love your Orange Peel quilt

Quilter said...

Hang in there Lane! Your blocks are looking unreal! It looks like a really difficult pattern and you have executed the points beautifully! I hope Sydney is feeling better and the DR has some answers. Sam xox

Quiltluver said...

I love how your quilt is coming together. Beautiful. Good for you on not changing your Saturday plans. I wouldn't change my plans either. Sounds like all that rearranging of your schedule to have some free time for visiting may now result if having more time to quilt ;-) Karen

Vesuviusmama said...

Keep on keeping on, Lane. Next week will be here before you know it. That quilt is looking great, although I can't imagine that piecing those arcs can truly be characterized as "mindless". I really admire your attention to detail.