Because you don't work as hard as I do...

Every day, I leave Sydney a chore list that she has to complete before I get home. Nothing real complex. Sweep and mop the kitchen once a week, vacuum twice, some watering, an occasional bigger project like wiping down all the cabinet doors. This week, she could wash the windows to make some pocket money.

But, last night, we were all frustrated. Okay, so mostly I was frustrated. Dirty dishes in the cabinet, egg stuck to the stove, dead plants. I did my best not to shout, but there was some shouting. Mostly because this has been escalating for several days.

We have a way we handle things. Might not be the right way, but it's my way. I let a couple things slide. Then, I point out that things are sliding and it's time to step it up. Then, I get even. Usually by having her redo chores. But, sometimes I get upset.

Last night, I got upset.

But, we got through the evening. At bedtime, I went to hug her goodnight and she told me that her chore lists mean she's working harder than I am at my job.

I just laughed. All my frustration had passed by that time. But, I kept thinking about it. When I woke up this morning, I knew what to do.

I stayed home and she spent the morning sitting next to me, and we did my job.

And, the best part? She got to see how detail oriented my job is and I hope it gave her some insight into why we expect her to be detailed. Especially when it comes to leaving egg on the stove and putting dirty dishes in the cabinets.

She's off in her room now. Enjoying the rest of her day.

And, only time will tell if she remembers that what I do is harder than doing dishes.

Take care and have a great Wednesday. Lane


Shay said...

What a great life lesson for Sydney. While I bet she isnt do a whopp whoop about cleaning afroementioned egg off the stove I bet she realises that it's nowehere near as difficult as having an actual job.

I recall we did something similar with Miss P when she told me we had "heaps of money " to buy her very expensive designer clothes at about the same age. I handed the money over the her for a few weeks so she could see where it all really went. What an eye opener!

qltmom9 said...

BRAVO!!! Good for you for thinking out of the box.


Coloradolady said...

What a great learning tool! It is wonderful you are able to do that...but what is most wonderful, you logically come up with a plan to teach a lesson that most likely won't be forgotten. Too bad all kids can not have parents like you and Rob.....Have a wonderful evening!

Kate said...

I love your blog and love hearing Sydney as she grows and learns... you are a creative teacher... giving her lots of valuable lessons... does she know you blog about her???? I'm just curious

Anonymous said...

It is not that far down the road that she will be working AND cleaning the egg off the stove in her own place so she needs to learn how it all happens. The daughters and I had many shouting matches through the years-they all turned out well and are very responsible adults but I did wonder at times when they were slacking off beyond what even I would tolerate and I cut a lot of slack. It is not in their brains that they should pitch in so you sort of have to demand it at times. mssewcrazy

Marla said...

That is such a smart idea!

vtquilter said...

I have been reading for a bit but don't tend to comment. Just had to say, I love how you handled the situation. You two sound like great parents and she is one lucky girl to have you both.