This and That, revisited

Yes, I did just hit the publish button with just pictures in this post, just like I said I was going to do. But, I didn't mean it. I have to talk. I have to talk like I have to breathe.

This is Linus July. My Mom donated the brown yarn and I added in scraps of the other colors. Even though it's kind of heavy, it's still cheerful. I hope it goes to some kid in hospital. It's always cold in hospitals. We are going to do the Linus retrospective photo shoot before I do the drop off tomorrow, so you'll be seeing this one again, real soon.

And, since I finished a crochet project, I also started a crochet project. This is the rug. All cotton. The plan is to dye it and see how that works. Red hides stains in my kitchen real good. I'm hoping a good trip through the dryer will shrink it just enough to tighten it up a bit and make it a bit more solid. Last step will be to baste it to a non-skid mat and find a bare spot on the floor.

This is Sydney's princess style shirt pattern. See all that masking tape? That's where I added size to the pattern. I trace all my patterns with black pen onto plain old gift wrapping tissue. Then, when adjust the pattern, I adjust all the pattern markings with a red pen. It made it really easy to cut out the real shirt this morning. It is the brightest green solid and is going to look terrific against her dark skin tone. So, here's the thing. She wants the girlie clothes. She wants me to make them. But, she hasn't had the courage to wear any of them out of the house yet.. I can see her tentatively stepping into a change in style, but not really being ready to take the leap yet. I'm good with that. Going to try to lead her to trying new styles on vacation when nobody she knows can see her. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll make the water and take it to the horse, and I promise not to try to make her drink it.

Next picture is my dh being wierd. I can't put a camera in the man's hand without him taking some really tragic picture of me talking. Here, he asked me a question about the camera. But, the question was just an excuse to get the camera near my face so he could take a picture of me answering him. Wierdo. Gonna keep him.

This picture is of my shorts muslin. Yes, that is from the same sheet that Sydney's shirt muslin came from. And, it is hideous as a pair of men's shorts. But, only you will ever see me in them.

I need more shorts like this, but they're between $25 and $30 in the store.

I have yards and yards and yards infinitum of fabric that would make great shorts like these.

What I have and what I need are about to meet up in the form of a pair of green shorts for vacation.

Sydney says I can hem them this high, because I have nice legs from working out. Wow, a compliment from the kid who usually suggests I wear a birka to cover all my gross old manness.

Everybody have a great Friday. I'm working from home. The neighbor has guys working on her fence that are going to be tramping through my back yard all day. I know it's overprotective that I don't want to leave my kid home alone. But, that's just not important when I think of what could happen. This time, it's okay to overparent.

See ya'. Lane


Becky said...

Hmmmmm.....your muslin shorts fit nicely.....but, um, probably keep them for painting indoors!!! :) Love ya! Have a great weekend!

Glenn Dragone said...

Great shorts! I like both versions.

I give you lots of credit.

Pokey said...

I'm liking the funny pictures of your talking face and the shorts. They fit well, hope you manage to get some made.
I like that crocheted blanket, too, good choice with the brown yarn and the pastels.
hope there is a little less fuss with dd and the chore list today, I've been commiserating with you and that constant battle of wills. Just keep saying to yourself, I will win, because in the finish it will be important for you.

Patricia said...

Good Job!!!!!! Please send me your address to I can keep my committment to you! I have tried to email you but am concerned it isn't getting to you. I have opened up the email on my profile so you should be able to get me. Have a great Friday!

Elizabeth said...

That rug is going to be really awesome!

Love the Linus afghan. The colors are really pretty.

Nice job on the shorts!

Sharon said...

love you linus project, rug and shorts..It is okay to over protect in this day and age.. Crazy world out there for sure especially for our children ...

INKcredible Girl said...

She's right you have great legs. The shorts look fab

qltmom9 said...

FuNnY post with the facepic and the shorts (that fit GREAT). Sydney is blessed that you understand she needs to do the fashion step slowly...good for you both.
The zigzag throw is pretty.~

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sydney. You could/should hem the shorts up a little bit. I don't think you are overparenting...I would want to stay home too rather than leave my daughter home alone with the workers there. Take care...Sally

Coloradolady said...

I totally agree with the fact you stayed home...Way to go!!!

Love the shorts!!! Show those legs!

Kate said...

hmmm - 'red hides stains' in your kitchen...???? omg, are you guys bleeding a lot in your kitchen???? somebody hide the knives!!!!

nice knees...have fun on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Love that you crocheted a rug. I agree with Sydney on them needing to be shorter than the first ones. On the other hand it seems some guys are wearing them longer than we have been used to seeing so what do I know about male shorts. With 4 grandsons I need to probably get more knowledgable about lengths today. I often measure rtw that I really liked wearing to get an idea about ease and pants length so if you have some you really like sort of use that as a guide. You are going to love being able to sew some things you and the family need. The simple basics are always the most expensive and hardest to find. mssewcrazy