More clothes

This is the pair of shorts I just finished. They're okay. Certainly good enough for lolling around in. I'm not really excited about the waist. There's no true waistband and I don't really care for that. There's a facing that folds to the inside, but it's just not the same weight as a real waistband would have. But, they're nice and loose and comfy everywhere else.

I cut out two shirts this morning. I cut them out together. I didn't think about how remakable that was until I was finished. These are two batik shirts. Green for Rob and Yellow for me.

Busy weekend planned. It's the last weekend before we leave for vacation. Are you tired of hearing about it yet? I feel like a kid that's been promised a trip to disneyland...but has to wait to get to go.

I'm in charge of food. I have my list of what I need to take and what I want to get when we get there. Take coffee. Buy charcoal there. Take a sharp knife. Take vinegar to clean the coffeepot. Buy groceries there. To save a bit, we plan to do our stuff during the day and eat our meals out for lunch and then hang around the cabin in the evenings. I'll cook, but not much cuz I'm on vacation, too. Rob and I love to head out to a bakery for breakfast and get a sweet and a coffee and stroll through a park or something. We're hoping to find a coffeeshop with wifi access. Course we only do that on vacation. We never go to coffeeshops around here. Guess that given the choice, we'd rather have coffee at home. But, on vacation, we can be adventurous. This will be a good chance to let the monster sleep late.

Okay, so everyone have a great Friday. As usual, I will be out in the morning and secluded in the cool in the afternoon. Hopefully sewing.



Becky said...

Absolutely fabulous shorts!!! Your attention to detail just makes the garment. Great job! Have a wonderful weekend!

Glenn Dragone said...

The shorts look so professional!

What a great job, congratulations.

LynCC said...

Have a great vacation!

lw said...

I like the shorts! Hope you have a great vacation-- but then any day you're not at work should be a good, stress-free day.

daveandlo said...

Very nice shorts-lots of pockets and looks like a real zipper. The shorts I make are wild cottons with an elastic waist. Have a great time on vacation! Lois

Vesuviusmama said...

Shorts!?! You are so adventurous with that (those) sewing machine(s) of yours! They look great!

Nancy said...

You did a great job with your sewing. Did you save some scraps for memory quilts? Love Sydney's