No, Calvin. This is different.

In the movie Blast from the Past, a family takes shelter in their very homey bomb shelter during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Thirty years later, they send their son out to look for supplies and he builds them a house on the surface that is just like the bomb shelter. The Father says that it's no different than being in the shelter and the Mother points to the view of woods and trees and exclaims "No Calvin, this is different." We use that expression in our house a lot. When someone says we're "discussing" the same thing we "discussed" yesterday, the other will exclaim "No Calvin, this is different".

We had a good weekend and today, the girl is in summer camp; hiking, map reading, swimming, adventure camp. I wonder if she knows how jealous I am or if she just feels entitled?

On Saturday, Rob heard the call of an antiquing jaunt. I packed up my activity bag and off we went. This is Rob's favorite store on this particular route and you can see him marching up to it with purpose. It's an old theater and they have pictures inside of the renovation. The screen and drapes are still there and two rows of seats, but everything else is converted to a huge antique store. We picked up a few things while we were out that day and I'll show them later. We ended the day at our local goodwill where I realized it wasn't much cleaner than the outlet store was on Friday and I go in the local store all the time.

Sunday was errands and by the time we got home, it was already too hot to do much in the yard. That left sewing. And, sew I did.

Monday, it was just too dang hot to do anything. Rob and I worked in the yard from 7 to half past 10 and came in a sweaty mess, ready for showers. Sydney baked brownies and cookies and did dishes. After some cooling down, we grilled steaks and baked potatoes and made big salads and for dessert, cold slices of watermelon.

But, it was too hot for anything much outside. We're in such a state of drought that most of the fireworks around here were cancelled. So, we stayed in and watched Independence Day and The Patriot and a bunch of other independence day TV. And, I sewed.

And, I sewed.

We went into the weekend with three bad shirts. We ended the weekend with no bad shirts. Calvin, this is different.

Sydney had a shirt where the waistline ran across the bust. I took the whole thing apart and cut a new piece one and now, she has this cute little top. (wonder if I should have told her I was going to blog a picture of her with that big clump of hair sticking out? Nah)

Rob had a shirt that was so tight, he could barely breathe. Fortunately, I had over 2 yards of this very nice shirt fabric left. I got a really good ebay bargain on this fabric and had hoped to make two shirts. Well, I did make two shirts, but they were both for Rob and they only need one coathanger. The only things in this shirt that were in the original are the collar and the buttons. Everything else was recut. The new pocket came out of the old shirt front and the new sleeves, out of the old shirt back. And, everything that was left over got cut up for quilt scraps.

I had a shirt that was way too big. It just swam on me. So, I took it apart, cut it with a smaller pattern and now I have a shirt that fits, too. Mine was easiest as I didn't take any of the front apart. All that finishing work takes a lot of time, so it was just disassemble, re-cut, reassemble.

I also cut and kitted up this little quilt. These fabrics are soooo not me. I bought them discounted at a quilt show and have had them on my mind since, trying to figure out what I could do with them. So, I sat down with my book 101 Rotary Cut Quilts and just looked for a pattern that took about 5 pieces of fabric. I have decided to try a green in place of the yellow. Doesn't sound very nice, but there's a cheerful green in one of the blocks that would be better here than the yellow. This one is all ready for the day when I have time to piece it. And, no more stepping over that little bag of fabric in the floor. Now it's a larger bag with a pattern book and all the leftover scraps and the quilt pieces. But, a bigger bag is easier to see than a little bag.

This morning, I pulled out a bit of handquilting to work on. I have a quilt that is 95% finished and then I just put it down. Got bored. I was putting things away this weekend and came across the thread and decided to pull it back out. More on that one later.

Everybody have a great day. I'll be catching up on blogs over the next couple days. I've let myself get behind. Again. But, I sewed.



Hazel said...

There all very nice but I especially like Sydney's blouse , how cute is that .

Becky said...

All three shirts are great! It looks like you had a good antiquing jaunt as well. Can't wait to see your finds!

Elizabeth said...

Sydney's top is SO cute! I love it. It looks really great on her! And yours and Rob's shirts are also very nice. Glad you had a great weekend.

xo -E

Patricia said...

Hey Lane---I need your address! Email me. BTW--love the shirts. Your shirts made me want to sew garments again so I made my little granddaughter a outfit. Too cute! Will post a picture soon. Take care!

lw said...

The shirts look great! And that photo of Rob striding manfully into that antique store makes me want to join him. The hunt is on!

Paul said...

Patricia said you inspired her to sew garments, and I must say, I think you may be sparking that bug in me too!

I have always stayed away from garments, but I may give something a try... Those shirts are looking pretty good!! My daughter would love that shirt you made for Sydney.

Take Care,