I love the mailman

He's just the nicest guy. When I get packages, he leaves them in his truck until the end of his route, when our cars are in the drive, and then he delivers them.

Okay, but my favorite part about the mailman is that he brings me presents. Any man that brings me presents on a regular basis is number 3 in my book (after Rob and Sydney).

Yesterday, he delivered these 12 pieces of hand dyed fabric from my friend Patricia at My Quilting Adventure. She dyes fabric every year and wanted me to have some of her creations to use in my work.

I can hardly wait to use these. Since they came in, I've been thinking of things I could use them for. I'm seeing a beautiful log cabin with these fabrics and an off white hand dye. And, I'm seeing some applique, maybe red flowers with brown stems and green leaves and blue berries on more of that off white hand dye. Okay, so I'm going to be stingy with these, so I should be able to get three projects out of them. Let's see. Red, Green, Blue...I'm thinking Christmas. Where is my pattern book?

Thank you Patricia. They are lovely and I plan to use every inch. I'm going to take them on vacation so I can look at and stroke them and maybe find them a friend or two to play with.

On other sewing news, I am so proud of how Rob's shirt came out. The faux placket on the front looks so right. If you didn't know I'd had an oopsie, you wouldn't know I'd had an oopsie. In fact, I might do a faux placket on another camp shirt it turned out so well. Anyway, just need to finish sewing on buttons. I did 6 on Sydney's shirt this morning and have 10 more to go. Then, we can model for pictures and I can start packing up my sewing kit.

So, this morning, my kid asks me if I'm on drugs. She says I am just in too good a mood. She wants to know why I'm singing so much and in such a good mood. I am on a drug. It's called "prevacationum". It works much like valium. I am so relaxed. It's nice to get a nice relaxed week before vacation when I'm filled with anticipation and it will be nice to be on vacation for a week. But, then I'll have to come back to work and we all know what that kind of catching up is like. Not gonna think about that. Instead, I'll just keep on singing.

Wanna know how to make your kid shut up? Start singing a song where they are the main character. And, sing it loud. I recommend "Sydney in the Sky with Diamonds". Or, maybe "Bridge over Troubled Sydney". Or for you Hee-Haw fans:

"Gloom, despair and agony on Sydney
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck she'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair and agony on Sydney."

Maybe "Ya picked a fine time to leave me, loo-Sydney".

You get the picture. Parenting can be fun. Wanna really have fun? Start singing one of these songs at the store, next time you're there.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.



Elizabeth said...

Singing doesn't get my kids to be quite. They just tell me to stop singing. Ah, well. Turnabout is fair play; I used to do it to my mom too.

Enjoy your pre-vacation week.

xo -E

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Love it!!! I get all hyped out and stressed before Vacation. I need the valium part!

And the singing...so cute. I'd sing to the radio in the store, and Jason would say "Mom, who sings this song?" And I'd say "Neil Diamond!" And he'd say "Well then why don't you shut up and let him sing it! " :c/ But I loved embarrassing them in public.

Now I'll have gloom dispair and agony on me....going through my mind all day..unless I can go find some other annoying song to replace it!

"the wheels on the bus go round and round!"


Coloradolady said...

Lane....I am going to be sing that darn hee haw song now all day..thanks!!

Um....bummer....we are coming to Austin Sat. for the weekend and just wanted to email you and meet you guys for lunch...I see I have awful timing....you will be on vacation!! Well, that is OK...ENJOY your much needed vacation.

I am loving that fabric!!! How fun to get that in the mail.

PattiLynn said...

Love the fabric, the brights - but then there is really something cool and soothing about the greens. I think the green on the right is my favorite of the whole lot. hee...NOT that I was asked. :-D Can hardly wait to see how you use them!

And, dang you Lane! That heehaw is an awful ear-worm!! :-p Go away! la-la-la-la-lah!!!!!!


Marie said...

Lane, I just love your postings and wait in anticipation for the next one.
Kudos on your garment sewing and have fun on your vacation.

Kim said...

I think dads can get away with the singing thing more than Moms......kids are tougher on us!
But grandchildren love it!

Happy sewing with that fabulous hand dyed fabric!

Vesuviusmama said...

You are way more creative than my:
Jason Jason Bo Bason
Banana Fanna Mo Mason
Fee Fie Fo Fason

Gonna have to try your songs on for size.