Another quirky dresden plate

Okay, so I am impressed with myself and my imagination at putting these plates back together. My rule of thumb is to combine 9 matching wedges with 9 non-matching that are related by a color, in this case, pink. See how there are three of the large plaids and three of the little flowery prints and the last three are completely different. Quirky. But, a more pleasing combination than I found these in.

The 9 green and white striped wedges were spread across multiple blocks and the 4 pink plaids were all in one block, but they were combined with unrelated colors and didn't show in any way. The three flowery pinks were again together, but not related to the other wedges in the block, so they disappeared, too. Now, they all show up and shine.

Now, just to get them sewn back together. But, for today, I'm taking the afternoon off and I'm either going to buy the new carpet (sign the contract to have it ordered) or, I'm going to quilt my little fingers blue.

So, everybody have a great Friday and a great weekend. Tomorrow, we start packing up the house and pulling out the old carpet and cleaning the slab.




Andra Gayle said...

It looks great!

qltmom9 said...

That works well!


Cathi said...

Just wanted you to know I read your blog & enjoy your day to day musings about life, kids, quilting, etc.

Rebecca Grace said...

Hi, Lane! I've been hunting through your blog, looking for posts about the Dresden Plate top you're about to hand quilt, and this is the only one I found. Is there a later one that shows more plates and the backing fabric you chose? I'm in Plate Mode myself right now, auditioning different background fabrics, so I'm very interested to see what you chose for your plates. And I do love how you unified the various prints by alternating each wedge with one common fabric. I wish I'd done that with mine, because mine are a bit of a hodge-podge and I think that's why I'm having trouble finding a bkg fabric that makes each print sing. And, by the way, I love your wintry forest quilt! I would be so tempted to applique one snowman in the lower right corner, or a bear wearing a scarf, or something silly like that, but that's just because I'm a dork. ;-)