A walk in the garden and more stars quilted

I walk in my garden every day. EVERY DAY.

I love to go out there and see the beauty. It still amazes me that I can get things to grow, and I confess that it has taken years and years of practice. Years of overwatering and underwatering and mostly setting plants in places I wanted them to grow, but they weren't meant to be grown.

I had to show a picture of this witch hazel. This is just a crazy, violent bloom of little tiny magenta flowers. I'm not a big fan of magenta, but when it comes to this plant, it's just a frenetic mass of bright color in an otherwise rather bleak setting. Even if you don't care for magenta, you can't help but smile at this plant's brave blooming.

You've heard of the yellow rose of Texas? Well, this is a yellow rose in Texas. These roses start out gold/yellow and lovely. Then, as they age, they fade to white before the petals fall off.

I almost deleted this pic because you can't see much detail. But, it's because it's so brightly colored. And, it's not pink. This is a red, red rose.

This is one of the many blooms on this red rose bush. Just look at all those vibrant greens in the background. Sunshine, water and manure. That's what makes a rose.

And, even though I've only got about 20 minutes a day to quilt right now, I did manage to knock out 4 more star blocks. (that thread that runs to the left is where I didn't break thread between stars).

Okay, so that's it for me today. Nothing exciting happening. Just gardening and quilting and waiting for the new carpet and wondering if there'll be another freeze this year to kill off the fleas.

Oh, and some crochet that I started last year. I'm working on a doily again. Remember, I'll try anything. And, that includes things nobody does anymore. Not likely something I'll be doing a lot of, but if I didn't try it, I wouldn't know whether I enjoy it. If I rate it among all the other crafts I've tried, I'd put it somewhere around knitting socks for excitement. Lots of stitches on tiny needles that don't go anywhere fast. But, I still knit socks.

Have a great Wednesday. Lane


regan said...

Beautiful garden shots, Lane.....and the flames in that start are great!

Anonymous said...

You had to mention knitting socks. I've been thinking about doing that as Christmas gifts for this year, but haven't really decided on it yet. Maybe I'll try and knit one pair to see if I like it or not. Just what I needed, another craft project to start. Thanks for sharing.

Piece by Piece said...

I walk in my garden every day also, but I do not see the beautiful flowers you have. In mine at the present time is one lonely dandelion and a couple of purple violets. But I am so happy to see these beauties, because we usually have snow up to our eyes balls in February.
Your quilted stars are looking great.
My knitting needles are clicking also, making a shawl for a new ggd due in April.

Barb H said...

Thanks for the garden pix, Lane. They give me hope that spring will arrive in the Northland before long as well. The quilting on your stars looks very good in those blocks.

Elizabeth said...

Love that pretty starburst you've quilted in the middle of your stars!

And I LOVE that witch hazel bush/tree! Beautiful. I'm a big fan of color. I don't think there is one I don't like, especially in a garden.

Love your yellow rose! I have a yellow rose bush too. A friend was rearranging her beds and asked if I wanted any of her roses. I picked yellow because yellow means friendship and I wanted to remember her.

Also, I do not crochet. I did not inherit the crochet gene. But I REALLY want to learn to crochet doilies. I saw the most beautiful quilt with hand-crocheted doilies on it and want to learn how so I can make the quilt.

Fun post!

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I get so frustrated by not being able to grow anything. We always had gardens when I was growing up, as well as houseplants, but nowadays, everything I plant dies. I don't think I pay them enou attention. I need to find low-maintenance plants that can survive a nuclear winter. Then, perhaps, I would have a fighting chance at success.