My other crafts and hobbies

I am a quilter. I am a fanatical quilter. I am a quilt fool.

And, I'm a parent and a pretty good cook and a gardener and relatively well read. I am a multi-faceted individual. Well rounded if I may say. Almost a renaissance man. (What happened to the term renaissance man?)

I like to try new challenges. Before I was the quilt fool, I was a knitter. I haven't knit(ted?) a sweater in a long time. I live in Texas. There are nine weeks a year that we can wear a sweater down here. And, that's three more weeks than we need a scarf. I only need mittens to travel. But, socks are something I do need, use and make. I don't know how many pair I've made now; including this one, ten maybe?

this is a pair of ankle socks. I had made one sock and realized I wasn't going to have nearly enough yarn to make the other, so I took the first one apart and made this pair of ankle socks.

Cindy, I know you were interested in making socks. I found a very simple, 72 stitch pattern and I can do lots of things with it to create interest in the stitch pattern, but always using the same basic patter with the same heel and toe. The heel can be hard to understand. I learned to make heels by making Christmas stockings, which use larger needles and yarn, but basically have the same pattern. That gave me the chance to practice heels and toes before I was using something not much thicker than quilting thread and round toothpicks.

Knitting socks can be very relaxing. That said, I put this pair aside in September and haven't pulled them out. I got really discouraged because the dog chewed a hole in two of my handmade socks (not from the same pair) and I picked up filet crochet. I bought a darning egg for myself at Christmas, but I still haven't fixed those socks.

This is my doily. That is so weird to say. Nobody says "I make doilies" anymore. And, I know why. Again, it's about using a tiny hook on thread. Rob has many pleasant memories of his Grandmother crocheting doilies. She kept her crochet in her black leather purse and could pull it out anytime while she was visiting and have something to work on...and be productive at all times. The pattern calls for ten repeats and I have six and a half done. But, I might go longer. I want it to be at least twice as long as it is wide.

A friend has shared a lot of her Mother's crochet thread stash and I'm working my way through it now to see what to keep and what to donate and what to give away...speaking of giving away, anybody interested in a couple of 3 ring binders of 70's sweater patterns? You let me know. I'll pay shipping, just to get them to somebody that would have some interest. And, keep on the lookout as I figure out which patterns I want to keep and which I want to re-home. There are going to be some quilting books, too. If more than one person wants the patterns, I'll random number generate for a "winner???"

Okay, so the next thing is just for pet owners. I LOVE PEDI PAWS. Bella got it for Christmas. Before this, I was having to muzzle her to cut her nails. She was fine with it when we got her and then I left her at the vet one day for some minor surgery and asked them to do it while she was asleep. I don't think they did because from there on out, she would never let me close to her nails without a struggle. I talked about it on here and got several suggestions for things like this, including dremel tools.

This is basically a dremel with a sanding tool and when we wear this out, i will definitely be trying my dremel, but this was a better tool to start because it is almost silent. We did the whole training, just like they suggest in the video about training pets to accept the tool. For a few days, we petted her with it and played with it, before we even put the batteries in it. Then, we started rubbing her with it while it was turned on and letting her sniff it and put it in her mouth (she's a very oral dog). And, then one morning about a week later, after Sydney had left for school, I used it on one nail and then we danced around and I gave her a treat. And, the next day, I did two nails and we danced and she got a treat. And, we kept it up just like that and now I can do both front or both back feet (not all four at once) and she'll sit there and let me. And, when I stop, she runs for the treat jar.

Okay, bribery is an effective training tool.

Everybody have a great Thursday! Lane


Kath said...

"There are nine weeks a year that we can wear a sweater down here".

OMG I cannot imagine such bliss. here in England there are only 9 weeks when I don't wear a thermal vest!

Coloradolady said...

Wow...I guess I need to try this...my dogs hate having their nails trimmed and I hate doing it... it takes two grown adults just to hold them and clip....not a fun process by any means!!

Anonymous said...

We use a dremel tool and a sanding wheel for our dog's nails. Before it gets to the quick, it gets hot and they pull their feet away, so I know when to stop.

My Grandma Longtin made doilies and tatted lace. So did my Great-grandmother Calliouette. Everything you need to know about the two sides of family is in this: we all have samples of Grandma Calliouette's work. Grandma Longtin's was sold to an antique store without letting any of the family bid for the work.

-lw aka Theresa

Vesuviusmama said...

I want to learn to crochet. And knit. Truly, there are too many things to do AND work full-time. If only I could win the lottery...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lane - - -

I'm definitely interested in the '70s' knitting patterns/binders and can be reached at: on_safari at mac dot com. Thanks & have a great Friday & weekend! Kathy