They're gone

It's done and amazingly, the carpet just feels different. It feels tighter and more springy and less mushy. I am so glad we had them back. A couple of hours and they were done.

Even the wall color looks better with it now...tho I'm betting that's psychological.

Wanted to give a link to my first post on the Jubilee Quilt Project. I'll be posting there once in a while, but will always give a link from here.

There are a lot of us making these quilts, so if you get a chance, catch up with all us 50-year-great (as opposed to 50 year old) people.

Later. Lane


Shevvy said...

I'm so pleased for you - enjoy getting things back to normal.

Impera_Magna said...

Congratulations on a great carpet finish... finally! Looks wonderful!

Becky said...

Everything looks super! Glad that is over for you! Have a good week.

sandra said...

Hi Lane,
It looks fantastic. I read your blog quite often but haven't commented yet. I enjoy what you write; your perspective on life, and love your quilting.
Congratulations to you and Rob for being such good parents to Sydney.


lw said...

The carpet looks so new and clean and pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Your new carpet is bee-you-tee-ful!

xo -E

andsewon said...

Lovely carpet! Looks like it will be nice and cushy underfoot. We had carpet drama last Nov as well but not nearly as bad as what you all had to go through!Your Jubilee Project looks awesome too! What a wonderful way to mark a milestone birthday!