Just a couple more days

Tomorrow is the day. They're supposed to be at the house in the afternoon. We've got everything ready for them to come in and replace a bit of tackstrip and lay the carpet. It should go really fast. This weekend, we emptied the bedroom, cleaned the slab, painted the closets and all the trim and doors.

After Rob had painted the closets, he started the trim inside them and asked me to step inside one and asked me how I liked it and I grunted something unintelligible and accomodating and went outside and then came in and kind of screeched "I hate it. It's lavender and yellow." And, it truly was. The gray paint that we were trying to use up by putting it in the closets looked totally lavender against the red bedroom walls and the beige trim. And, it made the trim color look yellow instead of beige. And, when he asked why I was so upset, I had to explain that it was because I knew I was asking him to repaint them and I felt bad about that. But, they had to be repainted.

So, when we went to dinner that night, we stopped and got a gallon of beige trim paint and yesterday, he painted the closets again.

He's such a good man.

Yesterday, while he was painting, I was taking apart and putting back together the dining room curtains. They were just cheap Target tab top curtains that we found in goodwill for $3 a panel. But, they were the perfect color and a great cotton fabric. They may have been square when they were made, but after I washed them the first time, they weren't anymore and they hung very weird, but so long as they stayed open, you couldn't tell. If you tried to close them, there was twice as much fabric as needed on the narrow windown and half as much as needed on the wide window. So, I took them apart, ironed them back to where the warp and welt were square, recut them and this time, I made them all fit the window they needed to. Then, I put them all back together. And, this was important to me. But, I think it was important to Rob because he got to finish all his work without me asking every 15 minutes what I could do next.

After he got finished, I fed him a roast chicken, because you gotta feed a man like that good. And, after that was done, I started on this block and worked on it the rest of the day. Still out of his way.

I guess there never really was any question whether I was going to make that jubilee quilt, huh? On friday, I printed the first 4 of 6 sets of patterns. The camera took some of the contrast out of this. There's really a blue in the points and the background is blue green. The alternating points are purple and the center is pink and red. Next block has lots more colors in it. Paper piecing wastes so much fabric, but I'm not going to worry about it. This is going to be a FABULOUS quilt.

But, this morning, I took the living room curtains apart because they had more issues than the dining room and for some reason, getting that right is important to me. It's like the finishing touch on the house to get it all back together on Wednesday.

Oh, one last thing. Guess who I got an email from? The LQS owner. She wants me to get my materials list together so they can sell "kits" for the class with all the required supplies. I guess I'm closer to being on the calendar than I thought.

Everybody have a great Monday. Don't know if there will be time to blog tomorrow. We have a 55 gallon aquarium to move and the last of the furniture out of the rooms. I think we're down to about 15 pieces of furniture in the house, including 4 dining room chairs. The rest is all in the garage. With all my clothes. It made it interesting to get dressed this morning.



regan said...

I remember getting new carpeting in our house in CA.....it was so much work prepping every room. But so worth when the new carpet was in and beautiful! Hang in there.....it will be worth it!

lw said...

I love that batik mariner's compass-- gorgeous. I agree that Rob is a good man-- and sorry that the paint color didn't work out the first time. I hate it when that happens.

I wish I could take your class.

Nancy said...

Your Mariner's Compass is just exquisite, and I love the colors you chose. You have more patience than I.

Terri in BC said...

I wish I had known about Jubilee quilts when I turned 50 - maybe I'll start planning one for 55 (at least that's a few years off! Good luck on the flooring, I'm still waiting for my trims to be installed after almost 2 years!

Elizabeth said...

That block is gorgeous! Love your fabrics. Happy jubilee!

xo -E

Coloradolady said...

I am wondering how difficult these blocks really are. I would love to make one....very pretty! I need to see if I can go back and look at those blocks. I don't remember seeing a download...I'll go check!!

poor Rob....he is a gem if he agreed to repaint. I can't even get Steve to pick up a paintbrush!!!

Happy V-Day To all!!! Have a great day!!!

Coloradolady said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! This is the BIG one....I am thinking about you today and hope you are doing something fun....you have a surprise coming....Thursday....I ordered it, early...not late!! Then...realized it was coming from Canada....so it got here and I mailed it, but it won't be to you until Thursday.. I say..Just Birthday all week!!!

Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you!! Have a great day!!!