They're ba-ack

The installers are here. They were an hour early. We were prepared, but sweaty from the preparations. We asked what they expected to do and they said fix a gap in the pad. But, then we started showing them everything else and they pulled it all up and have taken care of everything. And, when I say all, I mean ALL. They cut every seam and re-taped it. And, glued the pad down and closed all the pad gaps. Now, they're stretching it back in place.

I don't think they knew what was in store, they'd just been told to "make it right." They're not even from the installation company. They've been brought in from Louisiana and work for Lowe's and are helping them get caught up.

We have to stand up for ourselves and thank goodness for Rob. He does this all day, every day and he can be both demanding and polite at the same time. Me? Not so much. I'm a one or the other kind of guy.

So, I haven't done a thing except move out of the house since yesterday and have nothing to show. But, I'm so excited for this to be ending. They're doing the living room first, so Rob can set up his aquarium and then, I have to work from ten til twelve. It's going to be an interesting day...una dia muy interesante!

This time, I'm unpacking the box in the my bedroom and if they have to come back, they can move the furniture.

Hasta Luego!

Oh, and on the book giveaway, I had to go to the post office to see how much postage I'd already spent. Not as much as I thought, so we'll recommence with that soon. Everybody that's won, your package is on the way. Sorry it took so long, but you know, we've been busy.


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