Almost ready to quilt

I have a lot of finished quilt tops, ready to be quilted.  It is rare that I finish a top and know how I want to quilt it and am ready to start right away. 

I have just enough batting for one quilt.

The coats are finished and I can switch the Bernina back to quilting mode. 

I have the templates to mark the quilting. 

I have the thread.

The stars are in alignment.


The borders are cut and ready to attach.


Let the quilting begin.

Except that’s never how it really works, right?  First, there’s work.  And, feeding the family.  And, a whole host of other responsibilities.  And, after that, I can pin baste a quilt and spend an hour oiling and cleaning the machine. 

And, after THAT, I can start the quilting.

I really need to turn this quilting thing into a full time gig with high pay and benefits.  Imagine what I could get done!

‘Til then, I’ll still be seeing you at the office and the grocery.

Speaking of finished coats, Sydney’s girlfriends asked her where she got hers, yesterday, and said it was so cute.  She told them, but they didn’t believe her…until someone noticed that there was orange basting thread in the right sleeve and someone else noticed there were no labels.

Everybody have a great Thursday.  When last I looked, I had nothing scheduled tomorrow and both of my bosses, old and new, are in the same meeting, talking a lot about me, I’m sure (just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you).  They’re not going to need me tomorrow.  It’s supposed to rain again.  It might be a good day to be alone with a good quilt.  Or book.  And some soup.  cough, cough, sniffle, wheeze.



qltmom9 said...

Oh, you so should embroider, "Love you, Dad" in where a label would go! LOL!
I love the neutrals with red...wish I had that many neutrals.


Laura said...

You can also get custom labels to sew into things. :) I do. So the kids are running around with "Granny Lane Sewing" labels in some of their clothing....

lw said...

I love the border you chose for your lap quilt. Now if only I could figure out what to do about my crumb quilt border...

I also wish that being an artist (i.e. quilter like you) would pay big bucks-- it would sure give us more options.

Rebecca Grace said...

I agree that you should have a custom label, but I think it should be something fabulous and splashy, suitable for the couture garment that it is getting sewn into. If I did not have grocery shopping of my own and bills to pay right now, I would be very tempted to spend the next hour and a half designing a custom label for you to put in Sydney's clothes.

Actually, I already have an idea. You just write "Love, Dad" with a roller ball pen on a white sheet of paper so I can scan it in and digitize it for embroidery. Then we get a spool of 2-3" wide silk ribbon in an eye-catching color like chartreuse or orange, and I can hoop 3 strips of ribbon at a time and embroider each ribbon at least 6 times, so that's 24 labels in one hooping. Then you just cut them apart, hemming, satin stitching or serging the raw edges so they don't fray, and hand stitch them into your finished creations. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Love the quilt! Love the border.

I was pondering the other day whether I really would appreciate full-time quilting and get as much done as I think I would, or if I would get distracted and waste more time than I already do. Maybe the fact that quilting time is a rare and precious commodity is a good thing?

xo -E