Just in the nick of time

It is the perfect day for a light coat around here. 

And, fortunately, Sydney has a new one.


She wasn’t really into giving me pictures because I pointed out that it might be a bit too much coat for 53*, which makes me really happy I followed her suggestion and went with the lighter weight. 


She has the PSAT today and we got a phone message from the school to make sure she got a good night’s sleep and ate a good breakfast.  It’s a shame that the school has to tell people to feed their kids and make ‘em go to bed at a reasonable time.

But, they do.

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  I’d love to show you something quilty today, but I am the victim of my own inability to focus.  I did as much quilting as I normally do in a day, but spread across three projects, there’s nothing to show off.

Be well.  Lane


lw said...

Sydney's coat is so cute! She's going off to her PSAT fed, well-rested and stylin'!

Hazel said...

Sydney's coat turned out fantastic , what a lucky girl.

Pam said...

What a great coat -- I think it's darling! And, good luck on the PSAT -- I was very very sick and missed my PSAT - -actually, a good idea with the phone call reminder. .

Becky said...

What a lovely coat! You do great work, Lane!

Lakegaldonna said...

Great looking coat! She looks so cute in it too.
Job well done Lane.

Elizabeth said...

That coat turned out so cute! Syd is such a beautiful girl. I hope you tell her that.

xo -E