Too much thinking…

leads to no good. 

So, I spent the weekend being busy instead of thinking about the “team builder” meetings we’re having this week, and the fact that I’ll meet my new boss for the first time tomorrow.  Both these are stressful for me, but mostly the team building.  What they think of as team building feels much more like fending them off and keeping my co-workers at a professional distance.

I went to bee on Saturday and was inspired to start something new, because there cannot be enough projects in the works, eh? 

But, most of my weekend after that was spent on this quilt. 


Saturday afternoon, I got it pin basted, using the very last inch of my batting stash.  And, Sunday morning, I cleaned and oiled the Bernina and got to work.  I got all the stability quilting in and then made a deal with myself that I’d FMQ the ditchwork around all those red jagged lines until I couldn’t see straight and then I’d work inside the blocks some, and then back to the ditch work.  Oddly, I managed to knock it all out in one day, negating the deal I’d made with myself.  This morning, I was able to start the feather wreaths that will be in each of the blocks.


I’m doing the echo work now.

After knocking out all the ditchwork, I felt like I needed a reward.  And, I started something new.


One of the ladies at bee had hers finished and sandwiched and I was so inspired that I couldn’t help wanting to imitate it.  I had the small stash of fabrics that I bought at the Chisholm Trail quilt show in the silent auction and thought they’d be perfect.  And, they are. 

I forgot how much I enjoy paper piecing.  I drew my templates on freezer paper so I can follow my favorite method where the fabric is pressed to the paper for extra stability and it is not sewn through the paper, so there’s no effort at removal.  It’s like ripping off a bandaid, without the anxiety about what you’ll see because you can see what there is to see from the front.

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’m keeping my chin up and thinking calm thoughts of quilting and sewing and having real fun.



Becky said...

Keeping you in my prayers this week (and every week).

Love you!

Marei said...

I detest 'team building' exercises! What a waste of time and energy and exactly what kind of team is being built? Really? Good luck with your week. Hope the new boss is "worthy" of being called boss. Great job with your quilting...now I'm inspired to get off my butt and start quilting, too.

Kathleen said...

yuck, team building. Torture, sheer torture. Trying to figure out how to look like you are participating while remaining as protective of your privacy and "self" as possible.

lw said...

Not sure I understand how your paper-piecing method works-- I'd have to see it.

I love the flying geese.

Elizabeth said...

I love flying geese, but like LW, I'd like to see the PP method w/the freezer paper. Yours look really good.

Hope the team building meetings went well. Around here, they have "ropes" courses and you have to go out in the woods and do that trust exercise where you fall backwards in to the arms of coworkers and then you put on a harness and climb about a mile up and have to walk on a tightrope while holding onto another rope above your head and then ride a zipline down. Seriously? Makes me want to call in sick.

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and my current boss thinks that going to play laser tag is a team building exercise. Running around with a bunch of sweaty guys trying to shoot them through fog from a fog machine with a laser blaster builds team work? I opt out every single time.