Rainy day sewing

So, yesterday, I alluded to what I did in the Sunday storms.  I didn’t think to treadle. 

I did a good bit of this during the thunder and lightening part of the storm, tho.  The table I’m working on found a more permanent spot in the family room over the weekend.  That will make it easier for everyone when I want to work on it in the evening. 


Unfortunately, I hit a spot where I did too much, and started to cause more damage than I could correct.  I finally have that back under control and have learned a very important lesson about how much repair is appropriate.  This is not a remake.  This is a repair to make the quilt displayable.  Reinforcement so that it can be rolled and unrolled and for short times, hung on a wall, out of the light. 

Trying to put in too much embroidery, which would actually restore the quilt to it’s previous condition is too much stress on the old fabrics, and fabrics that aren’t shattered when I start will sometimes shatter as I try to replace shot embroidery stitches.  So, there won’t be so much more of that.  I plan to only embroider on the pieces I’m already replacing with new fabrics.

At bee, the host shared her stash of silk ties and I nabbed three that I’m cutting into small pieces of striped fabric.  The collection of fabrics grows and grows. 

And, during the afternoon, when it was not raining, but was steamy and I wasn’t even thinking of going outside, I did this. 


This is made of leftover pieces of Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  Remember that I made the pieces for a queen sized and have gotten three smaller quilts out of that.  This one will be a lap sized quilt for me. 

I’m working from home today.  Thunderstorms are expected and someone needs to be here to calm the beagle. 

I found out yesterday that my boss has taken another job and I am reporting to someone I’ve never met that works out of another office.  yippee.

Actually, who knows.  It could be the making of me.

Be well.  Lane


birdmommy said...

My husband's boss works out of another office (one time zone behind ours), and he finds it to be great. Hopefully you will too!

lw said...

I hope your new boss will be easy to work with and will appreciate you.

I like your new quilt top-- you are such a fast piecer! I am still putting together my crumb quilt; I had to audition sashing and corner charms; then when I started to sew it I found a stain on one piece and when ironing another one, got some red fabric bleeding, so I had to stop and fix these.

Kath said...

we had a thunder storm here yesterday, complete with lightning and hail stones, which lay like snow.
There was a trembling dog at my husbands feet, lucky he works from home most of the time.