Some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug.

Some days change from one to the other about half way through.

Yesterday was just such a day.  Raising a teenager is hard work and all relationships are hard and yesterday didn't start out with me feeling like I was king of the world.  I felt more like splat!  I came to work knowing that I had a very important meeting and just hoping I could get it over with quickly and then retreat into a bit of much needed silence and recuperation.

That didn't happen.  But, something important did happen.  I was the star of the meeting; the one with the answers; Johnny on the spot.  What I didn't know, which was little, I freely admitted and promised quick answers.  The rest?  I was the man with the music that made the meeting dance.

And the rest of the day just went uphill from there.  I was turning stuff around in record time and receiving multiple accolades.  My boss sent me home early as a reward for all I'd accomplished.  Course that may have been as much about that blank, exhausted look in my eyes by 4:15 as it was a reward.  But, either way, it was recognition of a day well done.

And, when I got home, Rob read me a note that he had gotten from the CEO of his company, congratulating him on a job well done. 

We spent the evening telling our big stories of big accomplishment and big recognition during the day.  Just him and me.  While the kid sulked at the table over her homework, suffering withdrawal from the phone she's restricted from. 

And, I didn't care.  Because some days need to be just about me and Rob.  Hang the teen.  And, dang, the teen.  It can't all be about her.  And, it's good for her to hear us celebrate our good stuff, even while she's pissed that she got caught. 

After the meeting, I reflected on what the lady that turned me down for the job said.  She didn't think I could build rapport from a remote office.  But, yesterday, I saw how efficiency builds a better rapport than what she was looking for.  There was strong evidence, during the meeting and in the grateful and congratulatory emails that came after it, that I have rapport with people from different offices, all over the country.  And, once again, I was reminded that what she didn't like is what I like best and how lucky I am to have a boss that appreciates it.  Yesterday's meeting was a big one for him, but he's busy with other projects and wasn't able to prepare.  He let me do the prep work and then he let me represent us in the meeting.

And, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he sent a thank you note to the lady that turned me down for the job when it was all over.

Y'all be well.  I'm emboidering a Christmas tree in the Crazy quilt and can hardly wait to share it when I get finished.  I've also been practicing the machine applique and I remember why I stopped that and went back to needle turn after 7 of the 12 blocks.  I get so much more control with the needle in my hand.



Barbara said...

Congrats on the good day at work.

lw said...

I'm so pleased that you and Rob are doing so well at work-- that's a huge thing to celebrate!

You've built up quite a rapport with us blog followers, and we've never actually met.

Sorry Sydney isn't old enough to understand that yet, but teenage girls get so wrapped up in feelings that it's hard to see out. High school really was the best of times and the worst of times.

Looking forward to the Christmas tree embroidery.

Samantha said...

I never learned the "dang the teen" lesson. Everything was always about the kids and it was a stress on my "adult" relationship but we got through it so that's good. I think it's good that every once in a while things are about the grown ups and the kids get to experience NOT being the center of attention. :D

Patricia said...

So glad you had a great day!!!!!

Piece by Piece said...

What a wonderful way to end the week. hope the weekend is good to you also.

Megan said...

Fabulous post Lane. Thanks for sharing. Many workplaces don't acknowledge employee efforts and good outcomes, so I'm pleased that you're in a situation where that can happen.

As for building rapport through efficiency: spot on! I'm reserved in new workplaces and it takes ages for me to build friendships. But ... I do think that I'm competent and I have found that colleagues will be highly tolerant of my reserve and curious little ways when they see that I do good work, pull my weight, contribute to their efforts and am a good person to have on the team. I don't go to work to make new best friends; I go to enjoy personal and professional satisfaction, earn an income, and feel part of something bigger than myself. If/when I make friends, that's a bonus. My view is that some people seem to think that the social networking is more important than actually getting stuck in and doing the job.

Sydney, Australia

Becky said...

Way to go!! Great story! enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure I'm going to survive the teen years. 1 down, only 9 more to go . . .

xo -E