Well, you guys were no good for taking the responsibility off my shoulders for the quilt layout yesterday.  At bedtime, it was equally split between 1, 3, and 5.  So, you’ll just have to wait and see what I pick.  Even I don’t know yet.  Maybe I’ll make Rob be the scapegoat….Uhm, maybe I’ll let Rob have the priviledge of choosing.

I was so tired when I got home last night that I couldn’t even pick out paper from the Indian Orange Peel quilt.  I sat and watched TV with the family and then laid on the floor with the dogs and then went to brush my teeth and off to bed, early.  I don’t remember anything after turning off the light, except I know Rob was still watching TV when I was gone.  I’m not physically tired, but my brain is tired.  Yesterday was a day of one question after another in rapid fire and by the end, I didn’t mind talking, but any questions were met with sardonic looks, at best.

This morning, I felt guilty and picked out some paper, but it was a half-hearted effort and I found myself getting focused on just the teeny-tiniest little pieces and working on them for a long time.  BTW, I don’t usually pick out the teeny tiny pieces.  If I can’t get the tweezers on it, it stays.

Well, that’s enough internet space for having nothing to say.  We are all back to work and school.  One of Syd’s classes is a college prep class and at the beginning of the year, they were told they needed 6 hours of community service by the end of January.  And, she waited and had to do school beautification yesterday to make her hours.  But, she enjoyed it.  And, Rob spend the day puttering in the yard.  It looked real good yesterday with all the leaves gone and all cleaned up.  There were a lot of leaves and he mulched them all in.  We hardly ever have to feed the yard for all the stuff we put into the soil to decompose. 

Are you jealous?  Most of you probably can’t even see your yards right now, much less run the mower.

Be well and have a great Tuesday.  Lane

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lw said...

My lawn is currently getting a very heavy layer of snow. I don't feed my lawn either, I buy lawn mulch in the spring and mulch and seed it. If I used chemicals, they would end up in the Potomac or Chesapeake Bay.

I do understand having your brain be so tired that all you can do is lie on the floor with the dogs and go to bed early. But the good news is that it's kind of like brain aerobics and it'll keep you young.