Stroke of genius? Or gross mistake?

A couple years ago, a friend announced she was pregnant.  I pieced this quilt.  But, it just didn’t make me feel very baby boy-ish.  So, I pieced her something else.  A nice scrap quilt.  Lots of color.  Very rough and tumble.


She’s pregnant again.  This time with a girl.  I pulled this out of the closet to see if I could use it instead of starting something new. 

Still not a baby quilt to me.

Just to start, it’s perfectly color matched.  Both the light and dark fabric colors are featured in the medium focus fabric.  And, it came out almost just like the one in the book.  My points are perfect. 

That said, it just don’t look right.  It’s boring to me.  It’s sooooooo green; three shades of green. 

And, that’s why it’s been folded up in the closet and hasn’t been quilted. 

That makes it eligible to be a practice quilt.  Lots of open space to fill.  And, because the block is feathered star, I think feathers would look good in it.  But, I don’t need any practice making feathers right now.  So, back into the closet it goes.

Maybe next time it sees light, I’ll be more inspired.

Be well.  Have a great Friday.  I have no idea what to take to bee tomorrow.  Which project is most portable?

Thanks for all your words of encouragement yesterday.  Syd did say she’d help me for money.  Little brat.  Anyway, I got all the big paper peeled off and now it’s time to start the tweezer work.  She was less enthusiastic about that.  Even for money.



Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful quilt! Any baby would be lucky to have it. I guess you can save it for a baby of undisclosed gender! ;-)

PattiLynn said...

Beautiful! Maybe a St. Patrick's Day tie-in.

lw said...

I agree with anonymous-- it's a beautiful quilt, though I think it leans more baby girl than baby boy. Another option-- finish it with your beautiful quilting and donate it to your guild to auction.

Rebecca Grace said...

I feel sorry for the green quilt. I think it WANTS to be for the baby. So...

What if you added some pink? How much work would it be to get a pink border sandwiched in there between the others? Or you could applique circles from pink and/or pink and green fabrics onto the white border and setting triangles, to make them polka dot. Or you could sew a pink ricrac onto the quilt, before or after quilting it, centered on seamlines or whatever. That's always a fun texture anyway. Please don't put it back in a drawer or closet. It's crying out for love... ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful quilt and I can see a Spring baby girl using it.
Maybe if you used Rebecca's idea
and added some pink. Not too much. I believe the new Mom would
enjoy using it also. Wish I could peek into your closet and see what other treasures you have in there.

Elizabeth said...

And you paid her? I guess what some people see as a hobby and something they do for enjoyment others see as a chore.

I remember that pretty green quilt. Boy. Those babies are close together (not judging, just sayin'. Or maybe time has gone by faster than I realize). It's not really a baby girl quilt, so good call on that.

xo -E

Scott said...

Green is my FAVORITE color and I LOVE that quilt! I'm always amazed at the incredible work you do!

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