Quilt show block

It’s like writer’s block.  I feel stuck.

This is my Indian Orange Peel quilt.  I want to enter it in the piecing category this fall. 


But, I am so tired of pulling paper.  and it has to be removed before I can quilt it.


A couple months ago, the whole back was paper.  Now, it’s just five arcs and a corner.  The problem is that the instructions said to baste each block, all the way around.  That long basting stitch makes the paper around the edges hard to remove.  I can remove the basting, or spend the extra time on the paper.  They’ll both take as long, so I’ve been spending extra time on the paper.  And, I will need to go back with a pair of tweezers and get the little tiny bits that my fingers wouldn’t grasp. 

But, then, I’m going to quilt it and get it ready.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

And, I want to do another piece, another thread sketch on silk.  I have the supplies.  I’ve picked a theme.  Just need to get my behind in gear and get my paper sketch started. 

I hope you’re not feeling the same pressure to finish anything this year.  And, if you are, then you absolutely have empathy from here.

Be well and have a great Thursday.



Auntie Em said...

At first glance, I thought you had written "5 ACRES and a corner". LOL! It must feel like 5 acres right now, but I'm sure you can do it. The beauty of that quilt needs to be shared.

lw said...

How funny! I'm just finishing a quilt where part of the border is paper pieced and I've been trying to figure out the best way to go about removing the paper. Seems like it came off by itself when I sprayed water on it to press it, so I am going to get it damp one block at a time and see how that goes.

lindaroo said...

That quilt is going to be so show-worthy! I much prefer working with fabric than with paper, but you can't beat the precision... or so they say! I bet once you get the paper off, you'll be excited to quilt it, and I can't wait to see what you do!
PS The numbers version of the verification gadget is much easer to read than the letters, hooray!

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, your Indian Orange Peel quilt is GORGEOUS! I love it so much, I'd pick all the paper bits out for you, just so I could enjoy looking at the quilt. I think that looks like one of those mindless tasks to keep your hands busy while your brain is watching television or something.

One of the VERY few New Year's Resolutions that I've made is to try NOT to set any sewing deadlines. This is supposed to be an activity that I enjoy, that helps me manage stress, and when I sign up for something with a deadline it just heaps anxiety and pressure on my shoulders instead. Life is too short, and a quilt is a creative journey more than it is a destination. At least that's what I'm telling myself... It's only January 16th, after all!

Megan said...

Lane - you have a teenager in the house. Isn't that the kind of task they're good for? You might have to pay her a few $$, but even so ...
The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more pics of it as you quilt it.

Sydney, Australia

Becky said...

Well, you know my face broke into a large smile when I saw the picture of my favorite quilt!!! When you get it finished you will have to take a good picture of it and e-mail it to me so I can get it blown up to look at every day!! (You can even include the blue ribbon it is going to win in the picture! hehe)

P. said...

That is some beautiful piecing, Lane. Just a few more to go. You can do it! Then it's all fun from there.

Lakegaldonna said...

Ha ha, I like Megan's comment about enlisting your teenager to help. Might just be a good Father Daughter bonding time. Maybe put on a good movie for the both of you to watch while doing it. It would be less fattening than sitting there with a bowl of popcorn. Get two pairs of tweezers for the final pull out of paper.

It's a gorgeous top, can't wait to see more of it.

Elizabeth said...

My mental quilting block comes just before the half-way point on any given section of the project (half-way through cutting; half-way through piecing blocks; half-way through putting blocks together; half-way through putting on the border). Once I hit that half-way mark, though, it is smooth sailing because I know that I have the same amount to do (and then less and then less) that I've already done.

I will say, though, picking paper out of a paper pieced project is about as fun as watching the grass grow.

Beautiful quilt!

xo -E