Lane takes a bow and a new project

As I expected, there was much shouting of “overachiever!” last night.  there were several of us from the class that brought our projects.  They held them up on the stage and photos were taken.  And, then, I showed my Christmas quilt.  I have trouble with the microphone at guild.  I always know what I’m going to say when I get there, but you have to stand so close to the mic.  And, through my no line bifocals, I think my lips might be touching that mic, but everybody tells me to stand closer.  And, in the confusion, I always forget what I was going to say. 

Maybe next time.  At least I got up and got in line.  I was second in line for show and tell and the rest of the class formed behind me, and the other show-ers lined up behind them.  It was pointed out that I had the advantage of not taking the Sunday class and so had more time to work on my project.  Most of the Saturday people went back Sunday for a FMQ workshop. 

Barbara Shapel, the workshop leader, took pictures of my heron.  It was a good night for Lane.

This morning, I picked up a project I’ve been working on a few days.  The borders in this quilt are horribly assembled and it has been a matter of making stuff “quilt out”, which everybody says you can’t do but I don’t know any better so I do it all the time.  I have corrected many mistakes with a bit of steam and some stretching. 


Now I’m moving into the center and I’m going to have five interlocking rope circles…are they wreaths?  Anyway, five of them will interlock in the quilt center and then some background work outside of that. 

And, I’m doing it all on my Grandmother’s 15-91.  Somebody that I follow has talked about how good hers is for quilting for a long time.  I am sold on the idea.  I have a lot of speed control that I didn’t realize I would get.  So, if you’re looking for a vintage machine to quilt with, this might be the one.  It won’t replace my Bernina, but it makes a good compliment so I can quilt two quilts at the same time.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Syd goes back to school  The alarm clock hit her hard this morning.  She hasn’t had free access to her phone over the whole holiday.  And, she spent the holiday talking to us, even after she got her WII game.  I’m going to miss that as she gets back to her friends. 



lw said...

Your heron turned out beautifully. I would say "artist" more than overachiever. You have so much energy, I can't believe how much you get done. I've had house guests for the last two weeks, and all I'm managing to do is keep everyone fed and the kitchen cleaned up.

Megan said...

Congratulations on becoming a regular participant in show and tell at your guild, Lane.

Sydney, Australia

Rebecca Grace said...

I love that comment about how you don't know any better, so you do it anyway (quilting things out)! Someone wise once said there are only two kinds of people inthis world: the ones who tell you all the reasons why things are impossible, and the other ones, who keep interrupting them by finding a way to do it anyway!

Susan Entwistle said...

Funny that this would be your post today. Check out my blog, I've posted something from our Guild meeting last night. I think you'll enjoy it (and find it appropriate) :)

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Elizabeth said...

Everyone deserves a bow now and then!

Love those braided wreaths!

xo -E