Prepping for Joen Wolfrom

I needed to prepare for class tomorrow.  One of the things I needed to bring was “all the fabric I feel comfortable transporting”.  Okay, maybe not an exact quote, but close enough to the instructions.  I have a little toy box with about 175 squares and strips from my scrap user system.  There is no easier way to transport a lot of fabric than in little pieces.  I think I’ll have time to hit another scrap bin, just to see if I can toss in a few more. 

Another thing we needed to bring was 5 photos where we liked the colors.  Joen uses a lot of photos as color inspiration for her quilts.  Me, being the overachiever that I am, couldn’t pick just 5.  I sat down with my laptop last night during TV time and went through hundreds of photos, looking for different color combination.  My favorite is the one with the clouds boiling up in the sky.  I can definitely see a quilt in those colors soon.


Okay, so I hate my Kodak software.  It ate up all my time to talk more hunting those stupid pictures down, because my computer won’t recognize the folder I put them in last night outside the stupid kodak software. 

So, have a great Friday.  Take care and be well.  Talk later.  Lane


lw said...

I love the one with Sydney in the pool-- with all of those turquoises and the brick and all of her skin tones, and bright bathing suit and the black of her hair-- that would be a very cheerful quilt.

I took a photo of Henri Manguin's Port of San Tropez when I was in Houston at the museum for the same reason-- all of those pretty sailboats in the sunlight; the colors would be wonderful for a quilt.

Marei said...

I like all your pictures, although Sydney is my favorite. Cool, crisp colors. And I'm sure the directions probably said to bring your ENTIRE stash...that way you make sure to bring the 'right' fabric. Have fun at your class. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

Sally Langston Warren said...

Interesting. I was catching up on your posts....your 1/23/14 entry has some fabrics you found and you were saying how you just loved those colors.....well they are the colors in these photos that you picked for inspiration. Bet Sydney was kind of tickled that you picked her picture as one of your five! Sally

Becky said...

The whole thing sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the results!

Nancy said...

Great photo inspiration. About the photo editing - you may want to go to pixlr.com and click on express. It is really easy and does the editing in your browser. I know a few people who do not like the Kodak software.