Something relaxing

We were iced in again yesterday.  Ice didn’t begin to form until Rob was already at work.  His company closed for the day, but he couldn’t get home, so worked until the roads had cleared.  He said it was very peaceful with no one else in the office. 

School was delayed, but then there was an accident involving a school bus and suddenly schools started to cancel.  One district didn’t act fast enough and ended up with some kids at school for parts of the day until they could be picked up or bussed home, even though school was officially closed.  It was a real mess. 

I stayed home and worked.  I spent the day trying to outmaneuver an attorney on a legal matter.  I’m really good at that.  But, it’s exhausting.  Like trying to keep the puck from a professional hockey player.  Anyway, I needed something relaxing last night and our chicken tortilla soup supper was already cooked, so I played with something that’s been on the sofa for a while.  It’s leftover blocks I bought in a UFO bin and I found some extra matching or closely matching fabric and I’m working on a table runner.


Again, not something I would normally be doing.  Definitely not my colors or floral fabric choice, but it’s gonna make a cool table runner to go with a light green tablecloth. 

I have two more pair of blocks in different fabrics, very seasonal choices and I have extra yardage to go with them.  I plan to make three runners for the dining table.  We’ll see how far that gets.  I think they’ve been around here for three years and this one is the only one that is started yet. 

And, a big thanks to my friend Barb, who sent a care box full of fun and cheerful scraps for Linus quilts.  And, a huge piece of backing with trains on it.  She knew that my donation quilts lean to boys.  Thanks, Barb!!


Everybody have a great Day.  Lane


Hazel said...

This nasty weather seems to be every where I'm sooooo ready for spring .Love those two blocks there so pretty it will make a great runner .

Piece by Piece said...

Love the colours in those blocks, will be a great table runner when completed.
The wind is making it bitter cold again to, a bit of sunshine now and then makes it bearable. We have February to get through yet but I am so ready for Spring, would even settle for temps above 0*C at this point in time.
Keep warm.

Kath said...

I do like the colours in that table runner.
Oh well done Barb and lucky you Lane, why does my heart beat faster when I see a bag of someone elses scraps!

Nancy said...

My area lucked out in yesterday's storm that so adversely affected the South. However, we got a foot last week, much of which is still around since it has been so frigid, Brrr. I absolutely love the table runner and think it will be wonderful with a green tablecloth, or even an off-white one. How nice of Barb to send you some fabric for Project Linus quilts. I may have some boy-themed ones too so when you need more, just let me know. Glad to hear you got all the paper pieces out. I will be happy to help with that at any time, in future quilts.

lw said...

It's cold here, still. It snowed another half inch or so last night. Glad you got to work on quilting! The colors of that runner are pretty, it'll look great with a light green tablecloth.

I finally pulled the paper from the border of my new quilt. I learned several things: next time use thinner paper; back-stitch to lock the interior stitching lines, use shorter stitches. Don't start ripping the paper where the stitches come together or they'll come out. Seems like I had to stitch up a little bit here and here throughout.

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, you know what I love most about your blog? You don't write monologues; you have a gift of a writing style that initiates conversations.

I'm intrigued by all these UFO projects that you are able to just whip out of nowhere (it seems) when you're ready to switch gears. I've been reading so many New Year's Resolutions involving finishing X number of UFOs before beginning any new projects, like there's something shameful in having more than one pot on the stove at the same time. But it seems to me that if gives you a great deal of flexibility, and that you probably do better work when you are not forcing yourself to finish something just to finish it. Just something I've been thinking about. I'm considering DELIBERATELY creating some UFOs, in direct contrast with my one-thing-at-a-time personality.

Last, about the Linus Quilts that you make -- what size pieces of fabric could you use? I have some leftover quilting cottons with prints like Bob the Builder, John Deere tractors, and things like that from when my boys were little that I probably will not use. If you could use them for your Linus quilts, email me with your address and I'll send you a care package, too! :-)