Sewing caddy

I needed a sewing caddy if I’m going to keep taking machines to classes and bee meetings.  Something to hold a pencil and some needles and a pair of scissors with a thread catcher. 

I knew what I wanted to make it from.  I have the leftover fabrics from my hand sewing kit.  The fabrics are from my friend Suzanne and feature time as the subject.  She gave them to me for my 50th. 


Saturday morning, I started hunting for patterns.  I found the right one pretty quick.

 Sewing Caddy

I prepped my fabric before bee because I didn’t want to use the bee keepers iron for fusible.  There was something didn’t sound very polite about that.  But, I did most of the sewing, except the pin cushion.


I added a pocket to hold some needles, but otherwise followed the pattern pretty close.


I think it’s really cool.  There’s a pad to sit my machine on and the thread catcher to the left, scissors, ripper, large pocket and the detachable pin cushion.  The cushion is on a large bobby pin so it can be put nearly anywhere.


She didn’t really talk about it, but I can also fold it into thrids and then thirds again for travel.  I’m going to make a tie to add to it so it will stay rolled.


So, that’s my sewing caddy, prepped and ready for next week’s bee.  And, anything else sewing related that might come along.


Everybody have a great Monday.  The holidays are officially over and everybody wants to work…except me.  I just want to sew.  Be well.



Elizabeth said...

Too cool for school! I'm so glad you're enjoying bee/guild. There is a lady at church who keeps inviting me to her guild meetings. This month's meeting is Thursday night . . . I think I might start going.

xo -E

Marei said...

I really like your caddy and that "clock" material is pretty cool. 've never seen it before. How great to have friends who give you such fun gifts.

lw said...

I use a gardeners' bag that my daughters gave me. It has a ton of outside and inside pockets. Your caddy is much nicer looking. I am thinking of doing one like yours for my knitting stuff.

Karilee said...

I've made several as gifts, but like yours much better...now, I want one! Fun, fun, fun. Love that watch fabric.