Joen Wolfrom’s class

Wow, I had a great time at Joen’s class on Saturday.  It was a lecture class and we didn’t sew, tho we did get to play in the fabrics we brought.

I learned about layering design using color.  I’m making Barbara Brackman’s Civil War quilt this year using my Civil War repros.  So, here’s a link to Barbara’s block 1.  See how Barbara started with the light in the center and worked to a dark background?  Well, Joen suggested we start with dark in the center and add layers backward toward the light background and I tried that.  Here’s my block.  I like them both.  One comes toward you and one goes away.  Mine would be even more distinct if I didn’t have the little dark squares outside the star.  And, yes, I did turn them that way on purpose. 


I also learned to pull fabrics from photos.  Remember this photo?

Well, all these colors are in that photo.


Wouldnt that make a fun quilt with a few more yellows? 

And, the last thing was about the color wheel.  Remember this quilt?  I called it monochromatic.  Well, it’s not.  It is an analogous color scheme consisting of yellow-green, spring green, and pure green. 


It was a delightful day spent with a renowned quilter.  She was witty and wry and quick to correct me if I was wrong, reminding me of the 6th grade teacher she was before.  I said fussy cutting and she quickly corrected me that it wasn’t fussy of us to cut that way, but rather selective.  And, that she had tried to coin the term selective cutting before fussy cutting came into use.  I will try to remember.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Tonight is guild meeting.  The guild president has asked me to take an office on the board.  I have all day to decide.  I could remain obscure.  Or, I could be one of the first men to serve on the board and maybe break a barrier. 



lw said...

I love the colors you pulled from that photo-- very spring-like and happy. I remember learning from Joen that you need at least nine different color values (intensity) for artwork to be visually interesting, so the star-layering really adds to the interest.

I hope you take the office on your guild board-- how cool to break a barrier! Plus, I think you have a lot to offer.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Go For it..!!
Break that barrier....!!

Hazel said...

Yes break the barrier ,we have a man on our guild board he brought a whole new prospective to things ,one was the chit chat stopped so we could get on with the important things .Your work is fantastic as always .

Maureen in Portland said...

Hi, Lane, We have about 10 men in our guild (about 275 members total), and one of them was our VP 2008-10 and then our Pres 2010-12. If you are drawn to the office, please don't be afraid to break that barrier.

Sheila said...

sounds like you had a good time and learned heaps. Have you joined the Flickr group for Barbaras quilt along. There are some really nice /supportive, people in it . No ceilings to break there, it was started and run by the same fellow for 3 years

leu2500 said...

If you can spare the time, join the board. I know on my guild's board (I've been on it), we need more diversity: different levels of quilting, different time quilting, different styles of quilting, different backgrounds, different interests, etc.

Plus, from what you write about work and fatherhood, i think you'll bring a very thoughtful temperment to a board. That's good too!

lindaroo said...

The layered colors are so dynamic! I must remember that plan.
I'm president of my guild this year, and last years I headed up our quilt show, having joined the guild just 2.5 years ago. The others have been so supportive of a new face and leadership style, and it's been a fun time, meeting new friends and working together! I heartily recommend it, if you decide to go for it!

Churn Dash said...

I made one of the Brackmann blocks, but just a test one because it looked a little complicated. I did sew triangles in the wrong place so I had to redo the corners. I think when I make mine out of my repro fabrics I will do as you did and make a half square triangle and use a square and rectangle to finish the corners.
I wonder if you said "yes" to being on the board.

Kath said...

those yellow-green, spring green, and pure greens made my heart dance for Spring is just around the corner!

Elizabeth said...

(I am really behind; eventually I may catch up).

Love your Civil War block! Wow!

Color has been on my mind a lot lately. Jeni over at In Color Order did a series of posts about color. I found it very helpful. And I loved reading about what you learned.

xo -E